Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turn 6 and 7 cleared!

Hey everyone. Time for a new blog post. The past two to three weeks I have been working with my static on the new coil turns. And I have success to report.

But first of all, here is a picture of Buttons holding a bomb.


It took a lot of practice and patience but we finally cleared turn 6! Noel on Warrior, Tom on Black Mage, Getsuga on Bard, Eldena on White Mage, Amiral as a Bard as well, Buttons the Scholar, Delea the Paladin and Castiel our Summoner.


We also farmed turn 5 a lot to get our players better gear and got Noel his axe and Getsuga his bow. I still need the scholar book as it refused to drop. But on the positive side both Noel and I got the turn 5 healers pants we wanted for vanity. :D


Turn 7 was up next. I had way more fun learning turn 7 compared to turn 6. Petrifying people was just hilarious and hearing Tom and Getsuga laugh on teamspeak just made it hilariously fun. Not to mention the arena looks awesome.


Random petrifcation chaos.


It took us a week but we downed turn 7. I also got healer gloves on this week's turn 6 win and Eldena got the amazing healer robe from turn 7.


Story sure is getting interesting. :o


Currently, we are learning turn 8. Interesting fight, we just need to do enough damage in the short time available now. :)


I went exploring and found this nice spot, I can see the Avatar and the team. :D


As a final screenshot I thought I would post my new minion, the little pink Kobold.


See you guys next time, when I plan to continue the Minion introduction series. ^^

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Minions Galore!

Hey guys. In this post I am going to introduce some of Buttons friends. :) There are so many a second blog post will be needed, but for now you guys will get to meet some of the horde of minions that adventure through Eorzea with Buttons.

First of all, meet one of the newest additions. Fatty, the Chocobo. He looks a bit grumpy here since I was taking him out on an exercise run.


You all of course remember Mini, my trusty Chocobo who has been at my side since before the calamity. :D


Meet Stabby. Stabby was a cursed Tonberry who Buttons met on his adventures. While still unable to break the curse, I was able to put another spell on Stabby, shrinking him down to size and changing his appearance slightly. He does now however have free will of his own again and happily accompanies me on many adventures. Not to mention that he is pretty handy with that knife and he has not forgotten how to channel the full power of Tonberry's Grudge. He loves sneak attacks, so watch your shins. o.o"


Next up is Tiny the chocobo. Not adept at fighting and healing as Mini, he is however a better runner and has amazing stamina.


Meet Stomper the baby behemoth. Actually it turns out he is not a baby, but a form of miniature behemoth pedigree that was secretly bred in Coerthas. He was a gift to me after I woke up from the slumber that Louisoix sent us into. He is very rash and hot-headed and just charges into battle. He is quite strong though and even though his memory is not the best, he sometimes remembers he can cast Comet and Meteor... just be sure to either shield yourself or run far far away when he does remember he can use magic...


Just two weeks ago Buttons and Put-Put were exploring the Black Shroud when we noticed one of those mechanical Dalamud toys lying broken in the bushes. We went to explore and this little dragon was inside. Mini Bahamut is actually very shy and hides inside his little Dalamud helmet most of the time. It turns out this toy was made with a real fragment of Dalamud with in-tact mechanisms. Somehow, it retained some of Bahamut's energy which then awoke and formed into this little dragon. Luckily he is good-hearted, not violent and his helmet seems to shield him from evil influence. I did see the tiny guy spit a megaflare at a rogue Sahagin one-time, he blew away half of Sastasha. O.o"


Meet Needles the Cactuar. He was given to me in the Sagoli desert by a friendly zombie, who is friends with many Cactuars. :o


Meet Sprout the Mandragora, who was given to me by a friend many months ago. He loves dancing and martial arts. He usually practises martial arts with Put-Put.


Ok ok, Put-Put insists it's time for his introduction. So everyone, meet Put-Put the dodo. When Buttons reawoke he went in search of Rowena to find out what was going on. Stingy as she is with information he was forced to trade some of his triple melded materia armour to her. In exchange he received information and a newly-hatched little Dodo, Put-Put. Just do not let his vacant expression fool you.

Put-Put is Buttons friendliest, bossiest and strongest minion. Not only has he mastered the martial arts of Dodo-fu, he is a master mage of poison magics... do not underestimate his burps and farts... they are deadly. Don't believe me? Ask the Amaalja what happened to Zaharak after he taunted Put-Put. The little dodo charged in so fast his little legs looked like road runner in those old cartoons. He kicked the first Amaalja in the head so hard he flew through 2 gates and a wall and then the havoc began. In desperation they even summoned Ifrit but Put-Put kicked it to the head and then cast his most potent acid poisons.

When Buttons got to the scene the amaalja were all poisoned and unconscious and Ifrit was melting. o.o"

But don't let his temper scare you, Put-Put is the friendliest most loyal little Dodo there ever was and would do anything to protect his friends.


He insisted that I get his "good side"


Next up is Moo, the buffalo calf. Way more mild-tempered than Stomper or Put-Put, Moo just loves eating grass and running around. He knows how to fight but would rather run away and let the others handle it.


This post would not be complete without Put-Put's partner in mischief, Dusty the Spriggan. Like all Spriggans he uses magic and is distracted by shiny rocks. That's... oooh SHINY!


And last but not least is someone who old blog readers may remember from 1.0. Mog the Moogle. Buttons met Mog a long time ago when he first defeated Good King Mog and found a little lily with a baby moogle inside. Mog has stuck around for a long time and never stopped looking for Buttons after the calamity. Now they are reunited at last and are combining their magic to ensure the safety of the Black Shroud.


To end this post I thought I would post the nice screenshots of myself and Put-Put enjoying the starry sky in Costa del Sol. See you guys next time. :)