Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turn 6 and 7 cleared!

Hey everyone. Time for a new blog post. The past two to three weeks I have been working with my static on the new coil turns. And I have success to report.

But first of all, here is a picture of Buttons holding a bomb.


It took a lot of practice and patience but we finally cleared turn 6! Noel on Warrior, Tom on Black Mage, Getsuga on Bard, Eldena on White Mage, Amiral as a Bard as well, Buttons the Scholar, Delea the Paladin and Castiel our Summoner.


We also farmed turn 5 a lot to get our players better gear and got Noel his axe and Getsuga his bow. I still need the scholar book as it refused to drop. But on the positive side both Noel and I got the turn 5 healers pants we wanted for vanity. :D


Turn 7 was up next. I had way more fun learning turn 7 compared to turn 6. Petrifying people was just hilarious and hearing Tom and Getsuga laugh on teamspeak just made it hilariously fun. Not to mention the arena looks awesome.


Random petrifcation chaos.


It took us a week but we downed turn 7. I also got healer gloves on this week's turn 6 win and Eldena got the amazing healer robe from turn 7.


Story sure is getting interesting. :o


Currently, we are learning turn 8. Interesting fight, we just need to do enough damage in the short time available now. :)


I went exploring and found this nice spot, I can see the Avatar and the team. :D


As a final screenshot I thought I would post my new minion, the little pink Kobold.


See you guys next time, when I plan to continue the Minion introduction series. ^^


Anonymous said...

Where are the new blog posts?! :(

Are you still updating this blog, or have you quit?

And look what I found:

HuffypandaBear said...

Added you up on my blog. :) hope you update again soon ^_^