Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buttons couldn't come up with a snazzy title....

Thanks for the comments guys, always make me happy. ^-^

So here I am again with a new update and dang it has a lot of images I have to upload. Hope you enjoy it. ^-^

I finally flagged the Summoner quest after having had the ruby sitting in my Mog Safe for months and months and months lol.


The same evening I was about to go to bed when Lucy asked me if I won't help him break the latent on his Great Axe for his Weaponskill. Since he helped me so much I was happy that I could help as well. His damn Axe was cursed though, it just would not break!!! When it finally broke it was 3am and I fell into my bed like a zombie. xD


I was a silly taru again. The second I saw I had some gil in my purse I went and spent it all again and we left with only 2000gil, yes only 2k! =.= What did I spend it on? I did 2 gobbiebag quests and now have 50 inventory space, yay!! :D


I decided it was time to slowly start working on my dancer sub. Since I totally HATE lv1-20...well i don't hate it I am just highly impatient lol....I thought it would take forever. But with duos, trios and low man parties with my LS my dancer went from lv16-28 in just 2 days. Amazing, 2 more levels and I get Curing Waltz II yay. I already love going /anon on my sam and using my dancer sub, its just so much fun.

While I was lvling my Dancer we also showed Klasher how the dunes worked and had a blast. Sadly 2 days after this screenshot Klasher's trial account ended. He has no way of coming back atm since he lives in the Netherlands and SE won't let them use debit cards like Germany or the UK can. So now he has no way to pay the monthly fees. I hope you can come back Klasher, you were such a cool little Taru and I enjoyed showing you the game. We in the Linkshell will miss you! ;_;





Between all of those dings we also finally did the CoP Snoll Battle for me. Was so easy but also a lot of fun. ^-^





Back to dingdingdingdingding....





I know RMT are yucky but these Taru RMT just looked way too cute ;_;


And even more dings...I need a more creative description for the next post =.="




The day after Lucy told me to come fish Mantas with him and Malys. Hopsy came as well later. So what did I learn? It's as full as a turkish bazaar and you hardly ever get a manta because the same damn Mithra gets the manta 5 times in a row and also gets Angel Skins...Malys got one and Hopha got one but no drop at all. This may be ok to do once in a while for a chance at an Angel Skin but 24/7 fishing like Malys does is nothing for me. I'll rather stay poor then lol. The good thing was that I had a chance to test my /dnc sub for the first time and I enjoyed it.


On my way back to my little house I found Vivi who showed off his shiney new Yinyang robe. :D


As some may remember I started organising Windy mission runs for my LS but they got put on hold because our LS had too many other events to do. Well yesterday we decided to finish the last mission before Rank 8 and it was so much fun. :D

I just love exploring the Jungle on the safety of a chocobo. It really is one of the most gorgeous zones in the game if you pay attention to detail.






Inside the very scary and dangerous Temple of..... Uggawatchamacallit (^^)"/..... Evy was waiting for us and she played music while I danced like every cute Taru should do!


My blonde twin-taru!


So we had to kill the NM Bronze Marberry to get a cursed key, which we needed to open the door to a secret door to advance in the mission. We found the room the NM was in but accidentally....erm kinda...aggrod the entire room hahahaha. I really thought we were gonna die badly, but thanks to everyone's hard work we managed to kill off the entire aggro then focus on the NM....oh and btw the NM thought it was funny to cast ancient magic on us while we were killing off the others...I just saw Flare once in the chat bar and wanted to run for the hills. xD


We had to wait 15minutes for it to respawn since it only drops 2 keys and we needed 4. The second time went a LOT smoother. :D


Damn I love the Windurst Storyline...


Dang a Khulu ghosty! O.O"


Shiny shiny magic. :O


Oiiii!! You were supposed to zapp the book not the Taru!!! =.= Now I have a sunburn...



Yay Rank 8. Hope we can get Rank 9 and 10 soon. :D


And to finish off this post, I rode to North Gustaberg to get the Outpost warp. Some Japanese players have been very busy and have gotten begginer zones for us. First Sandy had Sarutabaruta, last week Windy had Ronfaure and this week Windy got Gustaberg. I now have all beginner zone outpost warps. YAY! :D


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shi said...

No matter what she says, I think Evy looks the cutest with Yigit, the muffin hat, AF legs and Oracle's boots. <3 In my opinion thats just what a Bard should look like! xD

Here's to hoping I'll get my muffin tonight. :3

Oh, and I love your scenery shots from the jungle. :D It's hard to find other people in-game who appreciate the wonders of Vana'diel, so I'm glad we have so many in our shell.