Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little Bard tanks a big bad Ultima. O.O!

Time for an update again. :D

For the first time in months we did an Ultima again. Our Limbus group had quite a few new people who had never done it before.


Everything went well and according to plan until at 20% things went a bit awry. For some odd reason Ultima's Citadel buster glitched. Our Nin had hate and everyone else ran and was out of range. I two houred and put up Light Carol on myself and the tank when Citadel buster went off. It killed most of the alliance except for the two of us who had Light carol on. O.o" The weird part is that everyone was out of range, far far away. Everyone quickly got up and our NIN died. Suddenly there was a big bad Ultima attacking a little Taru Bard.

I actually managed to tank that thing for a while until Pythean on his Blu and Arte on RDM came to help out and took over tanking.

It was a very exhilarating experience suddenly tanking a bigass NM as BRD/NIN lol.


After that it was a challenge getting everyone up and rebuffed with Ultima blasting us right and left and killing off everyone trying to tank it. I know I held it a few times before someone else took over again. Oddly enough I think I was the only person not to die once during the fight. @.@

In the end our efforts were rewarded. Triple drops. Great job everyone, not every LS can recover from such a wipe. :D


I also did some Campaign again this weekend with some friends. Was a lot of fun. :D



Just one afternoon and roughly only 10k of Xp netted me this. :D Only four more rank ups and I will be able to get a Rose Strap for my SAM. Yaay!


Found some cute Tarus in jeuno




Our Einherjar shell is back and going strong. Many people came back and we recruited lots of new nice people. :D

Tarus ftw!



We finally were able to do something over Wing 1 again. We did a Wing II and did an excellent job and won. Makes me very happy considering it was the first ever Einherjar for a few people and we only had two bards. Little Laugana and myself were working our asses off in BRD rotation, then sleeping all the mobs as well as sleeping charmed people during the Boss fight. Awesome job Lau! :D



That's all for today folks, tune in next time for more Tarutaru adventures! ^_^/


Anonymous said...

Hehe, man, this reminds me of the days before they gimped Mazurka hate. For a while BRDs were some of the premier end game tanks due to the crazy hate that mazurkas used to give. Alas, that was gimped a long time ago, but it was fun while it lasted!

CidBahamut said...

Buttons, your ability to continually not get eaten astounds me. Keep up the good adventuring.