Friday, October 8, 2010

Lalafell adventures. ^_^/

I've been busy in-game for the last few days. Took Lancer to rank 7 as wel as leathercraft to rank 7. Hit physical lv17 and did tons of exploring. :D

Hanging out with Biscuit.


I love sitting on walls, just wish Ul'dah had as many places to sit on as Limsa and Gridania do.


Crafted my first cotton coif. Ugly hat is ugly haha.


Decided to go exploring today, this place gives me deja-vu of running to Hagun ENM.


This sort of reminds me of the Lifestream reactors of FFVII. O.O"


I managed to make it Mor Dhona alive and boy oh boy, what an amazing zone. Scary as hell with those nasty warthogses and flying eyes, but the music is amazing. Heavy use of synthesizer, reminds me somehow of a classical last dungeon theme of some JPRGs. Simpy amazing.




The frozen Bahamut and Garlean airship. Can't wait to see what the story has in store for us.



The entire zone is crystallized, really looks beautiful.


Decided to teleport over to Gridania and enjoy the scenery for a bit. Also found a cool new hat. :D


Found my friend Fitzy. :D He had started as a giant galka but then rerolled. Once a Taru always a Taru. :D


Had this weird glitch where his staff looked galka-sized on my screen. O_O"


Lalafell stare-off!


Fitzy managed to duplicate the original brown-haired Taru look even better than I was able to. Looks so cool. :D


I was fortunate enough to receive a pearl to the BG Forum linkshell. Now I have people to talk with yay.

Plus my own little Linkshell that Biscuit founded has become more active. Fitzy also joined now. We're mostly EU members so if anyone on Palamecia is looking for some people to talk to, contact me. :D


CidBahamut said...

Darnit Buttons, your fantastic screenshots make me want to try FFXIV again just to go exploring.
*wanders back to FFXI*

Anonymous said...

Aw, you're making me more disgusted at my laptop. *lol* I miss FFXIV... but I don't miss the choppiness I had to deal with. Guess I should invest in upgrading my old desktop. :p

*wanders back into FFXI, too*

mithraprincess said...

Buttons, where did you get that cotton gown!? Did you cheat and buy it?

Anonymous said...

Although I've read about the complaints, I have to say I'm quite interested in FFXIV. But I have a few questions I want to ask. Is the game international or is it region based? Why is it necessary to create an SE account that corresponds to the region that you bought your FFXIV copy from? Can you also play the game in the U.S, for example if you bought the European CE just for the extra cloth map? I'm guessing you need you create an EU SE account. Last question, are the European copies of FFXIV the same? As in UK, Germany, France, for say if you bought a french copy of the game, is there an option to play the game in English, as well as your SE account, France does not have to be your country of residence right?...

Please excuse my noobiness, I'm just wondering...

Buttons said...

The servers for the game are international. Japanese, NA and EU players together.
Square Enix restricted the regional registration though. If you live in the USA you will need the US copy. If you live in Europe, the EU copy. And in Japan you need the JP copy.

European copies of FFXIV are the same. The only difference is that the German version has the gigantic, ugly USK logo on it. That is why I bought a UK version.

So a EU copy can be used in any EU country, but a US copy needs to be registered on a US account.

Has to do with the payment options since all regions have different payment methods. So unless you want a gigantic hassle and the possibility of it not working, just get the version for your region. ^^