Friday, February 4, 2011

Post-patch Impressions :3

Hello everyone. Sorry that I haven't updated much lately, I just have not been playing much.

I was and am still waiting on proper content in FFXIV so I was busy reading about all the fun new stuff in FFXI and just playing console games and focusing on my studies.

I did however log on for a bit after this weeks patch and I must say I am impressed. I like the friendly and positive tone the new director is setting and I know the game has a brilliant future ahead of it.

I love the new SP system and I even saw parties again today, I missed seeing parties. Behest is insane now, I got 6k SP earlier from one and was soo happy. I think SP is finally perfectly balanced. Especially for those who do not have time to grind for hours on end. :D

I am really really really looking forward to the content patches now, I hope we get the first quest patch soon. ^__^/

Went exploring again today, havent been inside Casseiopea Hollow and explored throroughly since Closed Beta 3.




Uh oh...


KABOOM *___*



Oopsy I got distracted during Behest. >:3


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