Sunday, March 13, 2011

Many FFXI and FFXIV screenshots.

Hello everyone. :) This is going to be a pretty big blog update, so please be patient if it takes a while to load. I chose many nice screenshots so I hope you'll enjoy this post.

First and foremost my thoughts and prayers go out to Japan and its citizens. I sincerely hope they get everything under control and I am trying to send as much positive energy as I am able to. :)

Now on the the actual post. Last weekend was actually pretty interesting. I resubscribed to FFXI on a whim and spent the entire Sunday playing FFXI. Getting access to all the new Abyssea zones, doing my genkai quest and just randomly exploring and enjoying the music and zones I loved so much.

Hello, looky who is back Mr Moogle!


Wait, how did I end up in the bushes. The old grandpa hit a Taru! Call the police!!


My friends were really helpful, so we went to Abyssea to farm a few items for my Bard. The first item I got was an Augur's Jaseran. Thank you. :D


Lol Pythean made a Chicobo sit on my muffin hat. xD


Next on the list was my arch nemesis Megamaw Mikey, who always refused to drop my belt. We did have to fight him three times again but woot, new fancy belt for my Bard!


Don't I look snazzy. :D


My friends Pythean and Xmystic then took me to farm some Bard head seals. Unfortunately it was already past midnight so we only got one seal. I still had a lot of fun and noticed how rusty I was at playing FFXI. O.o"


I was soo sucked back into FFXI and I had an amazing time. So I honestly thoght I'd be in FFXI 24/7 again, but oddly enough the day after this I got sucked into FFXIV so badly.

I have gotten so much done in FF14 now and I must say I have fallen in love with the game all over again. I met so many nice friends and we have had so much fun. So here come a flood of FFXIV screenshots. :D

First up on my to-do list was my r20 weaver quest. It's about a little Lalafell girl with an evil stepmother who hits her and is mean. ;___;



*evil Lalafell stare at bad lady*


Stupid cow-lady!



She is so cute. :D


The next thing I wanted to get done is the rank30 main mission. Boy what an interesting storyline and some of the cutscenes were really nice.

This Lalafell NPC looks like Fitzy with red hair. :D



Eep danger.


Beastmen sure are fugly...


Nathaniel and Buttons had to fight them!


Sigh, still squabbling..



Suddenly the beastmen fled and the Lalafell NPC yelled at the Sylphs to hide us with magic, what's going on?!


An literally get goosebumps when this thing comes onto the screen. It's so scary and creepy. I wonder what the storyline has in store for us.





I like my silly path companion. xD



I found this very unique-looking Lalafell the other day. Never seen anything like it before. :O


Doing leves with my linkshell again. It's become a daily thing for us to do leves during the evening. I don't play every single day but a few times a week I log on and we do leves together and get amazing sp and xp. :D

Phear the amazing Buttons and Gulky! Bwahaha. *___*/


Ugly toad is ugly. o.o


FFXIV also got its first side-quest patch the other day. Now I know lots of people have been complaining about them and the rewards, but I actually love them. The only thing I would change is to let quest mobs five us SP. But if you look at the quests from a new players perspective they are perfect since they provide gear appropriate to the leve. Of course if us rank 30/40/50s do a rank 10 quest we wont be happy with a Cotton Coif. But if you are new and do the quest once it becomes available, you will most likely get a use out of the rewards.

Not to mention that I really enjoy the lore of the quests. It finally makes the world come alive. :D


My friend Xmystic from FFXI finally logged onto his Lalafell Biscuit Muncher again. Wish you would log on more often, we still need to level together!


Silly drunk Galka wanted me to bring him worms to get rid of a stain.....worms?! O.o"


They also increased mob size last the Marmot is now bigger than me heeelp. xD I actually like the bigger mobs as it makes my Lalafell feel smaller and more like a Taru. The only mobs where I don't like the new size are the cactuars. Cactuars are supposed to be tiny, not gigantic. O.o" (Only Cactuar summons are gigantic in FF games, not the normal ones.)


Relaxing on the ferry. :)


More leve fun.



This was my favourite side-quest so far. A shipment of cloth from Uldah to Limsa got lost. So you travel to Limsa only to hear it was taken by pirates. So I get to go to Cassie Hollow and beat up big bad Galka pirates. I also got cool silver spectacles as my quest reward. :D


I also got invited to my very first NM hunting runs. We did the levequest NMs which are easier, but it was still very exciting for me to do rank50 content at my low level. I was a healer for the team and I really enjoyed it, as I felt I was really contributing. :D

We fought the big bad Buffallo NM.



Gulky got a Buccaneer Shirt and Delea got a Harlequin Cap.


Then we went on to the Drake NM. It actually killed me once with its Fire breath. So scary.



Unfortunately no drop. :( SE really needs to change this. If you spend 400 faction points which takes ages to get, you would at least expect to get more than 5 crystals. :(


Little Guai already has many NM items though. Looky at his fancy templar set and his fancy Aeolyan Scimitar.


Hanging around Uldah with some friends while they gather for a NM run.



Having some fun doing side-quests again.


Visiting my friend Lyssa who is crafting my new shield in this picture. :D


Doing my first rank 40 leves with the linkshell. So much fun.


Eeep this little Lalafell is now fighting Peiste.... and the one levequest even tells the story of how these Peistes eat Dunesfolk Lalafell. ;__;




Dang these froggies seem to keep getting bigger. xD


Buttons and Fitzy, the tag-team duo! :D


Sneaky NPC... can't believe I fetched her love-potion ingredients. She tricked me!


Those who have been reading my blog for a long time might remember the cute little Taru called Klasher who only played FFXI shortly. He now joined us in FFXIV. Welcome Klasher. :D


Showing off my new robes to Gulky. Then I notice Gulk is afk. -.-"


Beautiful Ul'dah.


Doing leves and behest again. :D The rank40 camps sure are fun.


I can't believe how fast I have levelled, it was so much fun.



Oh noes the Peiste bit me. ;__;


Gulk has so many fancy NM drops for gear. *___*


I got asked to help out on a NM run again yesterday since there are never enough healers. Was so much fun and looky how flashy this Pugilist skill looks. :O




Buttons zaps the silly evil cat-lady.


Unfortunately we only got one Buccaneer shirt to drop, leaving many people who had also linked their leves disappointed. Hope you guys get your drops soon. :x

Last night we did some rank 30 leves as Guai wanted to join and Gulky wanted to level Marauder. We had soo much fun and I got my conjurer to rank 36. I can't believe how fast I levelled this week and am really content. I shall be doing the rank 34 main mission soon and will post some screenshots once I am done.


Due to the earthquake in Japan and electricity needing to be conserved, both FFXI and FFXIV will be closed down for a week. I fully understand but I will miss my friends. So if you guys are reading this, I'll see you once the servers are up again.

Take care everyone and thanks for reading.~~~

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Klasher said...

A great post as always!

I was just looking at the old FF XI screenshots and realised it's been 2 years already. Time flies doesn't it.

I love it that I'm in a post of yours again =D. Kinda makes me feel proud, like I'm in a newspaper or something xD.

Well, I guess we won't be able to play this week. My thoughts go out to Japan and the citizens...

Well, see you next week I guess =)