Friday, June 17, 2011

Goblin Airmen

There was a funny thread on the FFXIV official boards, asking for bomb-dropping, flying Goblins.

I thought they would make a brilliant NM for FFXIV so I whipped this up using the XI models in Altana-View.

Basically it's a tough NM fight with 3 Goblins, airborne on balloons. Mages and Archers need to damage the Goblins in order to pop the balloons. Meanwhile the Goblins shoot with their crossbows and the main goblin drops goblin bombs. You can evade these bombs, similar to the rank 46 main mission fight.
Once a goblin's balloon is popped he falls to the ground, temporarily stunned. Now the melee fighters can deal damage to the goblin. After a set time the goblin inflates a new balloon and takes to the sky again.

There could be a set of missions or side-quests leading up to the confrontation. The Goblin Airmen are a notorious group of thieves who are up to no good again. Only this time they stole something really powerful and valuable (your reward once you defeat them hehe)and a very important Lalafell asks you to track them down.
You however have trouble confronting the Goblins, as they keep evading you and flying away. So what do you do?
You go looking for help. Maybe the Goblin Airmen's arch-nemesis, the Cactuar with his pointy needles can help you deal with the flying nuisance...

I could even see the Goblin Airmen become a recurring quest/NM for Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XI had amazing quest-lines such as the Star Onion Brigade and Babban Ny Mheillea.
The confrontation with these tricksy goblins could be a fun distraction and they could turn up every now and then when you least expect them.
You could have challenging battles, lovely rewards, funny comedic scenes and maybe even an ally in the end who helps you ally with the beastmen and confront the empire. The name is also open for suggestions, I liked the suggestion of Goblin Balloon Brigade. :D

I know FFXIV devs have tons to do but would it not be amazing for them to consider something like this in the future? ^_^/

As people have been interested in the idea, I expanded the lore a little and also have a new image ready.
The Goblin Balloon Brigade pilfered valuables from a very influential Lalafell family in Uldah. It is this family that first contacts you. So you get to meet new awesome Lalafell NPC and then go on your journey to hunt down the goblins who keep evading you. Not only do they always manage to be a step ahead of you, they pilfer from Limsa, Gridania and even Ishgard. They are a real pest.
Somehow their balloons have an odd enchantment protecting them, so you have difficulties confronting them. Your Lalafell employer then mentions the rumours of a little Cactuar community that the goblins despise. You find these Cactuars and are astounded that they can actually communicate with you, but it should have been logical since you have the power of the echo! A young cactuar agrees to accompany you and aid you in bringing down their pesky balloons. (Or he just gives you a special needle. xD)

Here we have the Cactuar-Trio taking on the Goblin Balloon Brigade. (Since I only have FFXI models to work with, the Cactuars look different. Please excuse this.) The Goblin Balloon Brigade leader, Flyhigh Dizzylots, also sports his ultimate weapon, the Goblin Bomb Launcher. :)


Souled said...

have ffxiv start charging? Cause i cant play it ;-;

Umo Heima said...

Umo Heima from Gysahl world^^. Really cool idea, Buttons. I came here by a link from the official FFXIV forum and tbh I was specting some weird picture, but I really love what I've seen here.
I can imagine a goblin airman NM like the ones you've blogged, having to fast destroy the bombs in order to make the goblin land on the ground preventing massive damage from dropping bombs. Hilarious! Once more, good job^^

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting so badly to play this on PS3. I read the forums everyday. I work 9 to 5 and during those hours, I'm always on the forums reading the new ones and old ones. I get so upset because I can't post because I don't have the game. I don't want to buy a PC because it took me such a long time to save up for the PS3. I'm a third year in college so it's not practical to spend so much money on a decent PC just for one MMO when I have to pay for books and such. The PS3 seems more economical because I can play other FF games too and with FF13 Versus being released and all.

Anyway, what I want to say is this idea is amazing and I totally support it. I'd post on the forums but I can't. The fact that you're bringing it to the devs with such a positive attitude instead of trolling is amazing. So continue this great idea and, hopefully, I'll be able to join you when they release on PS3.