Saturday, July 30, 2011

Batraal defeated! ^_^/

Wowie. First of all this is post 99! ^_^/

Hi guys, time for a quick middle-of-the-night update. I finally killed Batraal today! Not only did we manage to kill Batraal, I also somehow got almost all mage drops today, in only 3 wins. O.O I am shocked. First a week of nothing now this. I want to thank all the people that helped with this and especially Nuinn Nomi, he was supposed to get the cane but he opted to pass it to me. Thank you so much Nuinn. I'll make it up to you somewhow!

Before we go to the drops, Lalafell and their babysitter!



Yay, it's dead!




Posing with Serge.


Posing with Klasher who just came back and Eldy who also got lucky with drops.


My drops, so excited. ^_^/


Pictures of the actual fight and stuff will follow in the next proper blog post. And yes Shiha-taru, you'll be in it too! ;P

See you guys then~~

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Klasher said...

Gratz again on the kill and equips ^^

Happy to be back.
You took the last SS at just the right time =P, I look so excited =3