Friday, July 20, 2012

Unfinished Thyrus

Hello everyone. Just quickly stopping in to post a progress report. I have a full blog post waiting to be posted, I just have not found the time sadly. I was working on my Bachelor's Thesis as well as another paper for University, so have just not had the time. I have been a busy Lalafell in-game though and finally got this: Unfinished Thyrus. Thank you to everyone in the LS who helped, and lets hope we finish the last relic steps soon. :D
I'll try to post the proper update soon. ^_^/

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Lardinho Carbuncle said...

Just wanted to say I just saw your "banner" on the official forums... IT'S PERFECT!! I was hoping someone would do a lala theme from Grid but without being too "busy". I really hope you win ^-^