Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thyrus Completed!

After two weeks of insane Ifrit Extreme fights for over 6 hours each night, we finally got the win today. We still need to win again for some people, but my Thyrus is now complete. It was a very long and arduous journey, and boy oh boy did we moan and complain and fight. But in the end we pulled through, thank you so much everyone who helped along the way. Thank you: Ulmega, Delea, Eldena, Hunty, Castiel, Melina, Noel, Enyyx, Exonova, Cookie, Trowa, Secret, Arthars, Nuinn, Asuran, Viwi, Five, Stinky, Pilaf and everyone else who helped along the way, whether it was Hamlets, the raids, spiritbonding, loaning me coins or the Ifrit and Garuda fights. Thank you so much everyone! ^_^
I hope I managed to thank everyone by name but with so many people I might have missed someone, just remind me then and I will of course add you as well. :)


Anonymous said...

Grats Butters!

josh said...

Are you trying to get into the beta of A Realm Reborn?

I've been a huge fan of your XIV screenshots and I'm excited to see what you capture in ARR (that is, if you do play it)!