Friday, November 28, 2008

Chicken Castle. Why Buttons why?!?!

I don't know how suicidal I must have been, but I decided to head to Chicken Castle again yesterday to camp Mee Deggi.

I've camped this NM so much already in the past that I get shivers just thinking about it. So when I got there I had the entire Castle to myself, so I checked on Mee Deggi, not I checked Quu Domi, not up either...

So I waited for Mee Deggi, when he didn't show up in his usual window I started killing everything in the room and I mean everything...

Yagudo Samurai vs Taru Samurai.....


Buttons wins! :D


So 2 hours later, Mee Deggi still hasn't spawned. Very odd, considering he usually always spawned just after an hour for me. I didn't think too much about it until I suddenly had 6 (yes 6!) Lv75s run into the room the second Mee Deggi spawns..of course I get outclaimed.... ;_;

I spend a further few hours more trying to get the NM but keep getting outclaimed by these uber geared high levels.... I was like..come on with all that gear they are wearing they could probably afford the Non Ex version...

Anyway summary: 2 more Mee Deggis spawn, stupid Thief gets them and no gloves for Buttons.

I was about to log out when I went to check on Quu Domi one more time and wow he was up and I got the claim! I was so happy since I could really use those nice boots.


But I should have known, only the stupid sword dropped and no Haste boots....I wonder why I tortured myself like this...I hate these two NMs and the Chicken Castle.

Maybe I should just level to 70 where I get to use Hachiman Kote's just that I always try to make the most out of my char and those damn O-kotes keep evading me...guess the Chickens have no love for Tarus.


Be sure to tune in this weekend for more screenshots, CoP Ouryou fight coming up tomorrow for me and my LS. :D

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