Friday, November 28, 2008

Buttons goes exploring and ends up Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea xD

Wow what a day. My English professor was ill for the second week in a row, so my Friday Lecture was cancelled...but they didn't tell us he was sick. So I rode the train into the city, hopped onto the subway and went to University only to find out class is cancelled....ok so goody, I get home earlier and can finally play FFXI a bit....wrong!

While I wait for my train home at the station, I suddenly hear the announcement that my train is having some technical difficulties and will be 50minutes(!) late...and I live on a route where only that one train goes....anyway long story short...the silly 20minute trip home which I never even give a second thought to took two and a half hours today. ;_;

Anyway so I logged on and Evy asked me if I wanted to do Rojal Jelly BCNM, of course I said yes. Been saving up just enough Beasty Seals for one run, I really need the money. Still have my debt to Artemision plus I need a Minuet Earring and I would love to get Creek M Clomps.

Time to beat up some Jelly! >:3


Shokun and Zen got only crap on their runs so I thought, come on the third run usually gives an Archer's Ring or Utsu scroll right? WRONG. On my run I also got junk, not even worth a total of 10k.... ;_;

Am really in trouble now, 45k in debt still, need 2 expensive items and just don't have enough time to do some proper farming, BCNM was my plan B and it went bo0o0om in my face. O.o" Damn you SE for making it some time-intensive and hard to get gil. As much as I despise RMT I can see why some people would just take the easy route and buy money lol. I'll never stoop that low though. >:o

But my day wasn't an entire disaster, Buky agreed to help me get some of my staging points so I can continue levelling without having to worry that I don't have certain Runic Portals opened and can't get to camp.


What an odd picture, the Hume is the BLM and the Taru is the Samurai, seems a bit odd. xD


Woot another one opened!


Lucky NPC gets to wear the nice BLU AF gear. *.*


I absolutely love these underwater ruins, its my favourite place of all places I've been so far, I wish I had my Mog House down here haha its so cool.


All those fishies and that water in the background...makes my little Goldfish Bowl seem insignificant in comparison. xD



I just love posing xD


We're exploring we're exploring lalalala *sings*


Woot another one done!


Only have 2 Staging Points left to do, glad I am almost done with them and can focus on other things then.

Am really excited about tomorrow, my CoP static will be fighting Ouryou. It's been so long since we've done CoP since Potato was on a business trip and we didn't wanna go on without him. So expect a huuuge megapost tomorrow if I am not too tired to edit and upload all my screenies. ^-^

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