Saturday, November 29, 2008

CoP: Ouryu Fight. Buttons wins! :D

Another day, time for new screenshots hehehe.

I took this in the Dunes as I was on my way to Tavnazia for our CoP Ouryu fight. I just love this screenshot:


CoP Cutscene Spoiler Time! <-- See I was nice and warned everyone this time! >:3


Look how cute I am in the background!


Pretty *.*


Dang prishe is old. O.o"


Haha the screw-up tarus...I forgot to screenshot it but I seriously laughed my ass off when the one Taru accidentally cast Warp on herself xD


I love Rivierne, it's beautiful.


So we fought Ouryu..the fight was going very was time to sleep Ouryu and we were all prepared for it when suddenly he started flying the second Artemision tried to sleep him.... this is the result:


That was the very first time my CoP static actually wiped, guess we had a good record up until now. xD Since the wipe was caused my an action we hadn't anticipated (Oryu starting to fly the second we wanna sleep him making sleep not work...) we were still motivated and tried it a 2nd time with a different strategy.

The melees (Lary and I) should not engage him at all and let Tahvo tank, Bukyja and Potato would alternate between casting AM freeze and Arte would sleep Ouryu inbetween for MP rests. Lary and I were responsible for using the mistmelts incase he starts flying. Everything went according to plan, when he was at 50% HP us melees engaged and every single party member started using our 2 hours. So we zerged that silly Dragon to bits. >:3


More interesting story pics:





Woot we did it, my LS CoP static is the best ever! :D Thanks guys for the excellent work.


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