Thursday, December 4, 2008

Buttons goes over to the Dark Side?!

It was a long and stressfull week so I was so tired when I logged on today.
I didn't want to do anything major such as getting my Samurai AF hands and body which I still need( >_<") or levelling so I decided to unlock DRK since it's a class that has always fascinated me.

Child Galkas sure are ugly. O.o



Ooh he gave me an evil sword! o.o"


I had to kill 100 monsters so that the evil sword's thirs for blood is quenched, how gruesome. ;_; Had to use my lv37 Warrior since it's the only class apart from DRK that can equip this evil weapon. Believe me, killing 100+ monsters with this weapon is boring. =.="


Yoohoo he thinks I am good >:3


OMG I am a DRK now, but wait....Zeid said DRKs gain their power from their inner anger and hate....but Buttons is a peaceful and optimistic little Taru, my inside is more like cotton candy and fizzy pop than something yucky and evil. O.o Maybe I should stick to being a Samurai haha. xD


Trying to look "Dark"-ish at lv1 isn't exactly easy...but I had forgotten how much I love my lv1 green Taru costume, wish I could wear it more often. *.*


Looky Buttons has a Scythe! *.*


Guess there has to be some dark thingy inside me, look what I did, I absorbed the blood of the poor little Mandragora...that silly DRK Galka must have planted something evil in me. ;_;


Kaboom! (Note how the bunny really looks like he is getting blasted away hahaha xD)


That's it for today, but on Saturday we're going to be doing the part of CoP so there will be more screenshots this weekend. Have a nice weekend everyone. ^-^

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Baelorn said...

Love the screenshots Buttons!