Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buttons finds himself in the middle of the Great War. O.o"

Time for new screenshots!

Since I still owe my good friend Artemision some gil I wanted to farm so I could finally pay back my debt. Unfortunately all my usual camps were full to the brim. I also checked out a few other ones but the drops were just bad. So I headed for the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah since I heard the bats and coeurls are good farming.

So beautiful. *.*



I was doing fine, the drops weren't the best I must say but I managed.


Unfortunatelyshortly after this pic I got blood-aggrod by 2 Skeletons and was brutally killed. It was really demotivating. 2k XP lost and I hadn't even made proper gil, I had spent more gil for teleporting than I had farmed back. ;_; I just logged out after that, was so pissed off. It seems no matter what I do I just cannot get enough gil in this game. I am so used to always being rich in all my other MMOs but in FFXI I am constantly broke, so broke that on some days I can't even afford to buy a stack of Meatkabobs. >_>" So no idea how it will get better, I know it's good to have /THF or /DNC and I would love to get those subs but with my extremely limited playtime I just don't have the time to level up subs.

I would just love to level my Samurai to 75 and then concentrate on subs but I still owe a friend 45k plus I need a Minuett Earring ~50k and Creek M Clomps ~80k, before I can properly level again without being scared that someone would call me gimp. :(

Yesterday was seriously the first time I seriously thought about quitting, everything just went wrong on Friday. I was at university and when I wanted to go home afterwards there was a bomb threat/accident in the subway station so it was locked off and there were police and a squat team and firemen, so end of the story is that it took me forever to get home. >.< And then I got killed while trying to farm in FFXI. So yeah, it was a really depressing day for this little Tarutaru, I decided I love the game and my LS too much to quit but I still don't know how I will manage to get the stuff I need. =/

Anyway, I promised CoP pics for today but our CoP got postponed since someone in our static will have no internet this weekend. No big deal, my LS did Campaign instead and taught me everything about campaign, it was soo much fun.

Tahvo showed me his new hat, its so cool xD


I don't understand why Tahvo has no Shadow, maybe he is a vampire-taru! O.o



We did multiple Campaign battles, some were very short and some were longer and the last one was an epic battle! >:3


Die Chicken Die! >:o


Erm it was supposed the be the other way around, dead chicken not dead Buttons! >.>"



The last campaign battle we did was the coolest, it took forever and the mobs kept coming and coming. In the end some of my LS friends with high ranks got over 3300 xp and I got 1670xp, I was really happy since campaigning was so much fun and got me my xp back that I lost yesterday.


I met my friend the cute sprite during the battle. <3


SecretFellowship to save the world!


Such a silly turtle, we kicked his hard butt! >:3


No fair he is cheating!



Buttons contributed in driving away the enemy forces, hurray! Taru Samurai saves the world! xD


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Evyen said...

Finally you're writing more, nice to read your thoughts too. Was a great campaign event today, and I love that "SecretFellowship to save the world" pic! :)