Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buttons hits lv75! <(^^)>

I'm back again with some new screenshots. I still can't believe it myself but I managed to go from 73-75 in only 2 days. Yes Buttons is level 75! That is why I wanted to post these screenshots to show the journey. <(^-^)>/

It all started when I was lfp and my friend Vivi the summoner asked me if I wanted to level since he was almost 75 and wanted xp. So of course I agreed and we went to Imps. We had a few set backs and a lot of deaths but I still enjoyed it a lot, not to mention the awesome xp we got!


Cute Tarus!


We went on for hours and hours and people came and left, at 1am Lucy came and joined us as well. At this point our Nin tank had fallen asleep in front of his PC so we had to continue with a 5-man party on Jnuns lol.


It was around 2am when I hit 74. Poor Vivi still wasn't 75 and it was 3am for him already. So we sadly called it a day but promised to help eachother the following day.


The following afternoon ^^"....I woke up and went into Besieged, was a lot of fun. I like Troll besieged way more than Undead besieged.


So many monster people in Whitegate. But Dante the Chicobo is still the cutest! *.*


Around 4pm Vivi sent me a tell asking me if I wanted to level. Zenchiro and Jurri in my Linkshell wanted to level as well so we set up a lv61 party and went to Colibris. I just love xping there. Same xp as Imps but you can relax while levelling and aren't bathed in a cold sweat the entire time lol. I suddenly felt motivated to get 75 asap and I knew Vivi was close too so I used the very last charge of my anniversary band. Thank you anni-band, you have served me well! <3


Vivi gets his first lv75!


We went on for a few more hours after that and then all decided to take a break since we'd been lvling for so long. After dinner I was only 15k till lv75. I said so in my Linkshell and suddenly everyone offered to come level! Thank you guys!! <3

Zenchiro offered to tank again, which was perfect since tanks are hard to find plus lv62 is a nice level to sync to. Vivi was up for lvling again and Toby and Alixia wanted to come as well. And Lucy came on his RDM which he hasn't played in years just to help me level faster. Thank you! We found a nice Colibri camp and started hacking away at the birdies! xD


When I was around 5k to 75, Ali had to leave since it was already getting late, it was past midnight already. But Jurri offered to come level again. Then later Hopsy the Galka-DRG came to watch me level and Lucross offered to heal outside of the party so Hopha can DD for us too. I was just amazed at how nice my friends are, all coming to help me even though it was so late. Zenchiro even stayed up late although he had work the next day, just to help me level! Thank you! <3


The big DING!


Yay Vivi and I both hit 75 on the same day!


Lucy and I went to pose in front of teh Lava!


My smexy wyvern helm! *.*


Posing with the hat I've wanted to wear ever since I was a lv3 and saw it on Evyen. :D I love my turban!! <3 <3 <3





So I thougt a long time about how to end this post. There is a lot I wanted to say but saying it properly is the hard part. I looked through my old folders and found this, one of the very first screenshots I took in FFXI. Buttons as a little Taru Warrior without a LS, not really knowing where to go and what to do.


To see how I was then and where I am now. It seems surreal to me. When I started I felt so lost and wasn't even sure I'd keep on playing. But I met Tahvo and Evyen and they took me under their wing and we started the LS. I met more and more friends, got more and more help, tried to help where I could but felt like a nublet all the way to 75.

I want to thank all the friends and the nice people I've met in FFXI. My linkshell, all of my friends. If it wasn't for you guys I would never be here. I would have quit as a little lv10 because he was too lost in the gigantic world of Vana'diel. Thanks for sharing this journey with me guys. Let's hope we have many many more awesome adventures! <3


Anonymous said...

Yeh on yourself buttons, love reading this, wish you had started your blog from the beggining :P. Anyways gratz taru, and i promise alot more fun things to come.

Lucross :P

Dartvalince said...

Congratulations on hitting 75. I've yet to hit 75 with anything, but I'm hoping that'll change sometime this year.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope you keep the screenshots coming :D


shisui said...

Grats on 75! I haven't really been online much lately so I didn't know you dinged already. ^^ (Blame the general burnout-ish feeling I've been having, and the fact that we got a huge new TV and Xbox360 for that. ;D)

blackvivi said...

Grats Buttons!
Have been following your blog for ages, since I first saw you post on BG. Just had to click that sig! It's nice to see people leveling SAM properly, obviously other people do, but as your first 75 it's very nice to see.
Keep the great blog up :D.