Monday, March 16, 2009

Buttons gains a few levels and new equipment!

Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. xD So get ready for lots of screenshots again yay. <(^-^)>/

I also enabled comments now without me having to review them first so post away. Just don't post mean and nasty stuff, Buttons doesn't like that. ;_;

Tahvo came back after he had felt a little burned out from doing too much stuff in FFXI. I was very happy and of course agreed to level with him when he asked. We went to Qufim so we could to FoV and get his Blue Mage some xp. It was a lot of fun being a nublet again, I just missed my Seigan+Third Eye combo. xD


Of course I did besieged again, fun fun!


Got an invite to a really awesome Mire party and waddya know, dingding lv71! :D


Lv71 means Trial Weapons of course. So I ran over to Norg as fast as I could and got my Tachi of Trials. Tachi: Kasha here I come! >:3


Aferwards a few people in my LS helped Jurri to do the BCNM for his AF hat. I was glad to help since when Shokun and I did it for me long ago we both died haha. Jurri's BCNM was easy as cake though since we had a good setup. ^-^

The poor Tarus always lag behind. ;_;


Killing the yucky demon NMs.


Yay we won! :D


The following day Lucross offered to help me break my trial weapon and of course I couldn't turn down an offer like that. We did Darkness Skillchains and I broke the latent on the weapon pretty fast!


We tried to duo the NM Kettenkaefer so that I could get my WS but it ended badly and we wiped. He hits like a truck and so fast that Lucross couldn't recast Utsu in time. A few hours later while Lucross was still asleep, Pythean and Lary agreed to help me. So we went there with their NPCs and killed the NM. :D




My very first Tachi:Kasha....and I missed..... =.="


Afterwards I did a LOT of campaign and I reached lv72. Yay. I also got a new campaign rank.


I saw this cute Lycopodium NPC and felt so sad. It's the Lycopodium from the one quest in Windurst, where a little Mandy wanted to find the home of the Mandragoras and set out on a journey with a friend cactuar and sapling and walking-tree but they all died in the end. Haven't finished that quest yet but it's so sad. M_M


More campaign wee!


Lucross totally surprised me when he asked me wether I would want to borrow his Hagun for the weekend. Shiny Hagun! *.*


Not only did Lucross lend me his Hagun, he did even more! I had bought new STR rings and a warwolf belt for my WS set and Lucross totally flabbergasted me when he told me to check my delivery box. He had bought me a Hachiman Domaru and a Smilodon Mantle +1. I had just read the latest BG parses about Tachi:Gekki and about how these pieces are good for WS now for Samurai on XP mobs.

So I posted the following in clopedia and BG forums. It sparked a lot of discussion and people rushed in with their fancy parses and math but in the end most agreed my WS is good which made me really happy since I really do try my best. :D


Ok so as you guys know this is my first job to 75 and seeing as I got some WS pieces today I thought I'd post an update.

TP Set: (Screenshots taken with Hasso and Berserk on) And the Hagun is not mine, am borrowing it from a friend. Used an Onikiri up until now and I have an Onimaru waiting for me once I hit lv73.


Hagun/Onimaru | Pole Grip | X | Smart Grenade |

Sipahi Turban| Chivalrous Chain | Fowling Earring | Minuet Earring |

Haubergeon| Hachiman Kote | Woodsman Ring | Ecphoria Ring

Amemet Mantle+1 | Life Belt | Shinimusha Haidate | Hmn. Sune-ate

WS Set:


Hagun/Onimaru | Pole Grip | X | Smart Grenade |

Sipahi Turban| Chivalrous Chain | Fowling Earring | Minuet Earring |

Hachiman Domaru| Hachiman Kote | Ruby Ring| Ruby Ring

Smilodon+1 | Warwolf Belt | Shinimusha Haidate | Creek M Clomps

Tp Set: Read the guides and got a 6-hit setup.

Chiv Chain= 1 Store TP

Ecphoria Ring = 1 Store TP

Hachiman Kote = 8 Store TP

Shinimusha Haidate = 6 Store TP

Hmn. Sune-ate = 5 Store TP

Store TP trait at 70 = 25 Store TP

Total = 46 Store TP

For my TP gear I would have liked to get a O-hat but with 300k pop items it's out of my reach for the moment. Then i looked into Hachiman Head since its basically the same as my little turban only with an added bonus but they are over 90k. So for now I will use the Sipahi Turban until I can afford something better (or maybe I'll already be 75 for Walahra Turban xD).

Still using Life Belt, LS been very busy so we haven't been able to do Swift Belt runs, but I will get it one day. I have 2 Woodsmans but need to use one Ecphoria for the store tp. Rajas Ring will come in a bit, gonna do CoP airship soon. ^^ And at 75 after I am 5/5 on store tp merits I will of course buy Fuma Sune-ate to get started on a haste build. ^^

So I thought long and hard about my WS gear since I really don't wanna lose my 6-hit WSing. I bought the Ruby Rings and Warwolf today and a friend surprised me by giving me a Domaru and Smilodon+1. I saw that Domaru has 6 Store TP on it which means I can switch out Ecphoria Ring and my boots without losing any store tp. Am happy that I can use my str+4 Creek M Clomps again since they were a present too plus slippers are cool! My Pallas Bracelet and AF pants will have to wait until I get store tp merits to be used in WS again.

Smilodon Mantle made me happy since I read the BG parses about how much str affects Gekko. Even though people are still on the fence about this item, it was a present so why not use it. :D

So yeah input is appreciated. I try my best but am a constantly broke Taru so getting big upgrades is always a bit hard. ^^"

So with my freshly borrowed Hagun and new WS set I set out to campaign and my first WS did first ever WS over 1k!




Saw the Fairy Queen and her minions, sadly this campaign battle ended before they could fight. :(


I decided it was finally time to go get my Walahra Turban since it would help motivate me to rush to 75 xD Even with a special macro it took forever to convert the coins in Nashmau haha.


Yay my cool looking turban! Can't wait to be able to equip it.


Saw this adoring Taru in Jeuno! *.* I love the Blu AF and Relic Sets on a taru.


Yesterday I wanted to level some more and Octy invited me to his party. We had an optimal setup, but every single bird camp was full so we decided to go to Mount Zahyolm as lv62 sync which was a bad idea. The crawlers are good xp at 64/65 but at 62 they're just too tough. ;_;


We decided to try our luck again and went looking for a free colibri camp and found a nice one. Yay!


Blu's AF gear may look nice but their levelling gear looks odd, can't wait till Octy is 75 and can wear his nice looking Homam pieces! :D Octy still looks cute though, even in a subligar with hooker boots. xD


Yay ding lv73, now I can use the Onimaru Malys bought me! :D


I was about ready to go to bed when our of the nothing Octy sent me a tell and told me to check my delivery box. I had no idea what was up so I went and checked and saw this:


I just couldn't believe it. I got Fumas shoes! O.O"" I can't even remember ever mentioning these shoes and yet Octy is such a good friend that he knows what gear my SAM will need one day and just goes out and buys it for me. I almost feel guilty getting so many presents lately. ;_; But I am so thankful and happy, thank you everyone! It's really nice to have such good friends. \<(^-^)>/

After I hit lv75 and get my store tp merits I can use my Fuma shoes, am really excited. :D

Domaruuuu Buttons! So sue me, it looks nice in town! >:o


Had my very first party today where I could test my Onimaru, we were even synced to 73 yay. Was also my first time at Mamool Ja staging point, I really enjoyed the party. And I am now only 23k away from 74. Yay am really getting much closer to 75. ^-^



My Onimaru had some really good results. Nice averages and as well as damage at this level 2-3 times. :D I can see how Hagun is still better and really hope I can manage to get one one day, but I love my Onimaru. It's a really good weapon.:D


That's it for today, am busy levelling and campaigning where I can so hopefully my next post will have me at lv75. Wish me luck guys! :D


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Kasha and Lv. 73! Keep up the pace and you'll be 75 in no time :)

As a side note, you'll probably see better numbers leaving in the Amemet +1 for WS, +5 STR = ~3.75 attack, vs the 16.5 on Amemet, and the 3 STR difference shouldn't radically raise the damage so it seems like you could save yourself some gil, but then again I'm not a SAM so I'll leave that up to the SAMs to correct me if I'm wrong :x

Keep on keeping on,

Dantaro, Alexander server

Anonymous said...

Single hit WS receive a very large acc and att boost which negates the attack difference between the two pieces.

Grats on all the progress ^^. I'm sure you'll be 75 in no time!


Anonymous said...

If the difference is negated, then might as well make some gil back! Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

any other job yes, sam no yuki/gekko/kash have a modifier of 75% strng, so after you use the wsc equation, you find on these 3 ws for sam 1 strng= around 5.4attk. Sam should stack as much strng as possible. Alot of this can be read up on Alla forums from guy called Milich, who does al lthe maths crap.
Im not so good with the maths, but the fact i average 1100 at 100% tp to the high 1900/2000 when double attk procs. certainly makes me realise this is the way to go.

Note any other job stick to amemet