Friday, March 6, 2009

Buttons gets a huge present. + Buttons vs. Maat!

Hehe here I am again with new screenshots. Been a busy Taru the past few days!

I went campaigning with Octy and he showed off his scary looking snake hat. O.o"


So today I decided it's finally time for Maat. Rednhot and Lucross offered to help me farm for my Samurai testimony so off we went to Castle Zvahl Baileys...I hate it there, so much sneaking to do. xD Luckily Red offered to sneak me around so it was cheap for my pockets and lots of fun.


We also found 2 NMs there, the first one dropped a crossbow I got to keep, sells for 30k yay. The second dropped a COR knife that Lucross needed.



Malys suddenly popped up and offered to help. And omg he brought me a ONIMARU!!!!! I was so happy. I've been saving up for one for weeks but they keep going up in price. This made me sooo happy. Thank you Malys! ^-^


5mins after Malys came a Samurai testimony dropped from one of the monsters he was soloing. Thanks again Mal! And thanks Red and Lucy for all the help and letting me keep all the nice gil drops. *.*


Time to face Maat!



Went in as naked Buttons incase the rumour of Maat copying your stats was true. xD


Lucy let me borrow his Domaru, Alky's and her Smilodon+1. I stacked on all the str gear I had for WS and meditated and went to kill Maat.


I had forgotten one thing though, I had no Signet. So when I sat down after my Meditate I lost all my tp and I didn't notice. So I went up to Maat used Sekkanoki and wanted to SC and only got off one WS and then noticed I didnt have enough tp. So I used my 2-hour but Maat had already broken through my third eye and was already doing a Skillchain on me. I blasted off 3 WS as fast as I could and was in panic 'cause i already had red hp...but in the end I won. I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D





Yay I can start my journey to 75 now. :D


Afterwards I suddenly remembered I did the back alley quest for every city except Jeuno so I quickly went and did it:


Since Malys gave me such a humungous present, my Onimaru I was able to buy the 2nd item I was saving up for, a Fowling Earring! ^_^


On some RL news I went to the movies with some friends yesterday and we saw the Watchmen Movie. Now some of the reviews aren't that good but I never listen to those anyway. I can just recommend this movie. It was extremely long (3hours) and pretty violent (think of Sin City) and one of the superheros was a glowing blue naked man with everything on display throught the entire movie. The girls in our group thought it was sexy and us guys just laughed since it was funny. All in all it was a very good movie imo, a lot of action, good storyline and a pretty interesting twist in the storyline as well. So if you have a bunch of friends who enjoy going to the movies, go and see this movie. It's interesting since I've never seen a comparable movie like this.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on beating the old geezer! (^^=)

He sure had that coming, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, time for some out of character words from me. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. I've been playing FFXI for ~5 years myself and I'm pretty involved now in the metagaming aspect of it, and its such a breath of fresh air to read your blog. Its nice to get away from stuff like fSTR and pDIF, wondering why M.Acc works, all the lame math involved with it. You love the game for what it is, a game, and thats pretty admirable if you ask me.

Grats on the Onimaru, I'm sure you'll be happy with it! And GJ with the Maat fight, I still remember doing mine on WHM all those years ago. Heck, I still remember the time/date of when I hit 75 (and where I was in RL, game, and even some of the party members). Keep on keeping on Buttons, and keep posting in your blog. It warms the hearts of a lot of old players to see your kind of vigor still exists.

Dantaro, Alexander Server

Buttons said...

Thanks guys for the comments. Yeah Kimiko he really did have it coming haha. xD