Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lot of progress and new beginnings.

Hi guys. I've been really busy the past few days so here is another imagedump. :D Hope you enjoy it. ^-^

Woot went up another rank in campaign. :D


Octy finally got his turkey hat and showed it off. Grats Octy! :D


I was very determined to get to lv70 asap so I organised a LS party with Shokun, Hopha, Potato and Markus. We had 3 different Paladins since they all had to leave after half an hour but the last one stayed for quite a bit. Was my first proper Imp party. I had alot of fun even though it's a bit scary having all your skills locked by amnesia when you are not used ito it.


Looky cute tarus!Poty showed us his Bellybutton!


Poty is just too cute in his Thief AF lol. And I am showing off my wings that Markus gave me xD




Hopha protected his little Taru buddies!



Zen finally hit lv60 on his Paladin and was able to wear his AF. Out of all the AF sets the PLD set sorta makes you look "high-level". I love it. *.*


After Zen showed me his AF I found this taru mule. It had the cutest name I have EVER seen. It's friggin adorable. Toofpaste...TooFFFFFFFFpaste!!! hahahaha so cuuuute.


The day after I was too tired to level so I decided to take up an old hobby that I haven't done since I was around lv30, fishing! I flew over to Bastok since Bastok markets lets you catch Moat Carps with Little Worms without annoying Crayfish popping up. I broke my cheap willow rod on my first fish though...and 2 more after that.

Markus is such a good friend, he surprised me with this! The fishies in Bastok can't break it muahaha. And it's signed!! *hugs new fishing-rod*


I put on my Gobline-coif for cuteness-increase and started fishing. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when a little Taru with a big red ? next to his name (a new player in other words.) ran past me and suddenly screamed: OMG there is a goblin fishing in Bastok Markets!!!


Here fishy fishy fishies!



I fished for the entire afternoon and afterwards I had this as well as 4 rusty subligars (3k each on my server) and tons of rusty leggings and buckets. Moat carps are 4-5k now which I love since when I started the game they were only 2-3k per stack. So my afternoon of fishing+selling the fish and subligars netted me around 33k which made me extremely happy. To many of my friends who literally have millions 33k is nothing. To me though it is a LOT of gil and I am really happy to have made it on my own. ^-^


The following day I was full of determination to level again, but first I had to sit next to Lucross for a bit. xD


I was up very early that day and at around 8am I got an invite already. It was an imp party and was really nice. Was very different than my first Imp party since we had a Bluemage who constantly managed to stun the Imp. I am seriously considering levelling Blue someday, the only thing that makes me hesitant is that I will need /nin for it. Sigh...


We also killed the Jnuns when the Imps had not respawned yet which I enjoyed. I just love killing different monsters in Vana'diel.


Unfortunately the party ended after 40minutes since they were US-players and it was 4am for them. I had started using my anniversary band ever since my last Imp party since I wanted to hit lv70 fast and knew we'd get a new ring in May, so this party netted me around 13k xp in 40minutes. :D

I went back to WG to put my flag up and saw this, soo cute! *.*


I was seeking for literally the entire day....as much as I hate doing it I had to turn down parties under my level since I seriously wanted skill-ups. At 5pm just when I was about to give up I got an invite from the JPs that were in the party Shokun and I tried to build an hour prior (we disbanded since we could not find a healer or tank.)


This imp party was just a step up from the previous 2 I had. We had a Summoner as main heal, a WAR, a RNG, COR, PLD and myself. It worked extremely well, I got skill-ups as well as insane experience with my anniversary ring. Even when it wore off the experience was still awesome. I was getting 778 per mob during the party, insane! *.*

I also made a new friend during the party, Vivi the taru summoner! Vivi did an excellent job and proved how insanely good summoners can be. :D


Yay ding lv69!


Pewpewpew Skillchain!


After such a long day I parked my taru in upper Jeuno and was trying to sell my Bomb Queen Ash for 10k (I found it in a bazaar in Windy for 1k and am trying to make a little profit for my taru piggybank, someone buy from my bazaar please! :3) Anyway when I got back I saw this.


It made me so happy. Itallionstallion is a Samurai on my server with extremely good gear. I always sort of looked up to him but never spoke to him before so seeing this made me really happy. :D

This morning I was awake pretty early as well again. I just wanted to level...only one more level to go till lv70...till the "high-levels".

So the minute I log on I hear besieged is starting so I run on over and see the nasty trolls wanna destroy us again.


Lol the troll has a pet moblin/secretary/slave/asskisser. O.o


It was a pretty fun besieged and I ended up getting around 1780 xp from it.


Afterwards it was time to put my flag up and seek again. While I was seeking this little Japanese Taru danced for us. He was so cute! (Although I don't quite understand the japanese obsession with the vir "panty" subligar....


Well same old story...the japanese don't like inviting english players which kinda hurts me since I just finished my first semester of japanese studies. I so wish I could type in Kana so I could at least communicate a bit better. I just went to watch tv but at 4pm I got an invite and was extatic and rushed to the mire.

It was a party unlike I would have thought to see at an Imp camp. It was a samurai tp burn party.....now I understood why I was told to come /nin.....but Buttons has no nin..They were nice though and let me stay anyway and this was by far the most interesting imp party I had. We had a WAR/NIN, 2 SAM/NIN, a COR/NIN, myself as SAM/WAR and a RDM. Plus there was a little taru whitemage power-leveller. This was the best xp I have ever had in this game. Even better than a Qufim burn. I was getting consistent 500+xp without a ring and 780s with my anni ring. It was just pure weaponskill spamming. Get imp, spamm to death, next one spamm. Then get flies while imps respawn and kill. I must be honest and admit the flies were a bit tough because of Cursed Sphere, hence why no one levels on them. But I had an extremely good time and got sooooo much experience. I am usually totally against SAM/NIN in xp parties since a proper sam can do just as good with Seigan+Third Eye. But this is one case where /nin impressed me.


Sadly our party disbanded when I was 6k from lv70 but when I got back to Jeuno, Undead Besieged was about to start.


It was a fun besieged. Undead besieged is always a bit trickier, especially with Lamia No.02 and 05 and the gigantic Lion. I only died once though, helped kill off all the normal mobs and fought Lamia No 05. Then Lamia number 02 went and killed me so afterwards I went into hiding and just waited for besieged to end since I knew I don't stand a chance against Lamia 02 and the Lion and didn't wanna be dead when Besieged ends and not get any xp. So I sat on my ledge and always used Demoralisers on Lamia 02 and the Lion when they were under me and it actually worked haha.


Besieged netted me 1850 xp so I only needed 4k to level so off to campaign I went.



Sauromogue Campaign was fun but the Yagudo NM was giving us trouble. We all spammed WS, died, reraised then threw ourselves at it again. I was so proud of myself cause everyone was dead but me and another SAM and I ran in, used Sekkanoki, did a Skillchain and then I, little Buttons, killed the NM! :D


So it happened. I would have never thought I would seriously make it this far. Buttons has hit level 70. Other people would feel like this at lv75 but to me this is a major accomplishment and I am so proud of myself and I want to thank all of the friends I have made in this game and my awesome Linkshell. When I started around 10 months ago I never thought I'd stick around permanently. It was so overwhelming. It feels like just yesterday when I was a lv7 Tarutaru killing Goblins in the Horutoto Ruins with Tahvo who became one of my closest friends in-game. Thank you guys, this is not the end. This is a beginning! :D

Now that I am lv70 I am finally able to have a 6-hit build which means I get to 100TP in 6 hits. Don't mind the Ecphoria Ring guys, I do have 2 woodsmans but for a proper 6-hit I was missing exactly 1 store tp and so Bukyja sold me an Ecphoria Ring for only 30k. Thank you Bukyja. I checked all the threads and guides and this should be a 6-hit, am really excited.

Sadly I don't have a Fowling Earring and an Optical Hat yet. I want to save up for an Onimaru for lv73 first, then I can save up for a Fowling Earring. I won't lie, I do really want an O-hat but 200-300k for a pop item is just too much, I can't afford it. So I guess I'l use my little purple turban until I hit lv75 when I can use a Walahra Turban. :D

So this is my gear:


Onikiri | Pole Grip | X | Smart Grenade|

Sipahi Turban| Chivalrous Chain| Minuet Earring | Spike Earring |

Haubergeon | Hachiman Kote | Woodsman Ring | Ecphoria Ring

Amemet Mantle+1 | Life Belt | Shinimusha Haidate | Hachiman Sune-ate

Minuet Earring I intend to replace with Fowling as soon as I can. Onikiri will be used until lv73 when I will hopefully be able to afford an Onimaru. (They were 80k a month ago and I frantically started saving up....now I finally have 80k and now they cost 150k+...*sob*). Sipahi Turban will have to do for now since O-hat is out of my reach.

As mentioned Ecphoria Ring only stays till I have my store tp merits and then will be replaced by either my 2nd Woodsman or a Rajas Ring (CoP Airship up soon for me, not that long anymore till I get my Rajas yay.)

Life Belt is nice but I still want my Swift Belt. I still have my codex, just gotta remind my LS we actually wanted to farm the belts till everyone has one lol.

Overall I guess I should be happy, especially since this is my very first job. But I am such a perfectionist that some gear pieces just annoy me haha. Just want to be a good Taru samurai. ^^

I met up with Monster who is now lvling his BLM and just hit lv50. Gogo monster! :D


Thank you everyone for your help and friendship in-game. Buttons is a very happy Taru! ^-^


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