Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buttons is back!

Hey guys, I'm finally back. I had my last exam on Wednesday and I got my results today. I passed all my exams with an average of around 85%. Am so happy. :D

Now I intend to finally play some more FFXI again and get to lv70+. I don't have many new screenshots atm but I'll post them anway. ^-^

Am still addicted to Campaign, Shokun went campaigning with me while I was taking a few hours off from studying 2 weeks ago. xD


I finally decided to unlock Dancer so I can heal myself in campaign and maybe solo /thf and /nin one day.


OMG they laughed at me, how rude.....


Pretty lake...


Yay I got my license to dance!


Soloing my little nubby dancer is so much fun. :D I especially enjoy wearing my green lv1 Jumper again, I just love it.


I went to campaign and saw the weirdest thing ever. Windurst sent every single one of their NPCs to a campaign battle in West Sarutabaruta S. And I really mean each and every one of their NPCs!! I did a /sea all and around 30 people were there but the problem was that because of the NPCs not a single player would load on my screen. It felt like I did an entire campaign on my own with only NPCs. It was a scary feeling, I don't want it again. xD

This is how full it was...


Just as I got home from my last exam I checked FFXIAH and saw this. My Linkshell was on top! And Malys, Pyth and lil Buttons were on the top player list. It made me feel special. xD


This was my very first doll festival and I really enjoyed taking these screenshots. :D




Shokun totally surprised me by having a welcome back present for me when I logged on today! He bought me a pair of jaridah bazubands to wear until lv70 when I can wear my Hachiman Kote that I have stored in my mog safe. :3 Thanks Shoky, made me really happy. ^_^


Today I did 2 campaign battles and finally hit lv67!! Starting tomorrow I am gonna try to make some Linkshell XP parties so I can start using my anniversary ring. Might as well use it now, we'll get new ones in May anyway. :D


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