Sunday, February 1, 2009

Study woes and some CoP progress.

Hey guys, sorry for not having updated in a while.

My end-of-term-exams are coming up on February 10th,12th and on the 25th so I've been so busy studying that I have hardly played at all. I do however have some screenshots from a few weeks ago that I just never had the time to post. So that's what this post is for. xD

We continued CoP and did Louverance's path, so I had to go to Purgonorgo Isle for the very first time. I was so excited and fell in love with the island.


On the way there I saw Dolphins while I was on the boat!


And I found these kickass looking monsters on the island, they're so cool. xD


The storyline keeps getting better and better.... black mandies! *.*


OMG this Taru is the father of the 3 good for nothing screw-up Tarus from Tavnazia! o.o



After I got those cutscenes I went to do some campaign...which didn't go too well....the chicken boss hates us Tarus. ;_;


The next day we went to Oldton Movalpolos to do the Moblin+Bugbear Battle. Aren't we the cutest tarus ever! xD




The battle went REALLY smoothly. We were each assigned a mob to solo and keep busy. Arte kited the bugbear and the others were dispatched to the Moblins. I had to solo the Thief Moblin. I was lucky and my Moblin used Bomb Toss immediatly after I engaged him, so I ran into him and he dropped his bomb killing himself lol. I was hit hard as well but Potato being the awesome WHM that he is gave me a bigass cure and I went to help the others. Somehow I ended up soloing a second Moblin and killing it. I felt so proud of my little Taru self for killing 2(!) of the monsters haha. xD

The moblins died quickly and then we just zerged the bugbear, piece of cake! :D


Some more interesting cutscenes. O.o Silly Moblins thought Selpheus was Promathia. :o




Afterwards we decided to quickly do Ulmia's Path as well since the bugbear battle was over so quick. So I ran to get my cutscenes.




OMG my first time seeing Shantotto!!



So we went to do the Mithra Sin Hunter battle and going by the guide we thought it would be fast and easy...


It was chaos lol....We had a perfect strategy, knew what to expect and went in and it was just weird. The mithras have the weirdest hate-threshold we've experienced so far, they just wouldn't stick to one person. So tahvo died really quickly on his PLD and the rest of us just sort of ran around in panic trying to kill at least 1-2 Mithras. Somehow we managed to kill the first 2 but by the time the second one was dead, so was half of our party. Our WHM PLD and RDM were dead/weakened and in hiding and Lary (RNG) and Buky (NIN) and myself tried to take down the last Mithra but Buky fell quickly. So it was only Lary and myself left and thank god my Third Eye didnt fail me for once. We were able to tank the mithra for around 2 minutes, during which the dead could raise themselves and run off and hide and rest up. I died then as well as Lary.

The battle was such a chaos that I still cannot remember exactly what happened but the end of the story is that Lary got up and used Shadowbind to tank the last Mithra around the big stone pillar. Lary had red hp and was tanking the boss lol, he just ran in a circle for over 10 minutes giving us all time to raise eachother heal and buff up and help him.

We killed the last mithra within 2 minutes to timeout. xD


Finally dead!



Since I haven't been able to properly play for the last few weeks (and also will not be able to till end of February) the only stuff I did ingame when I was able to log on was campaign.


With Markus' help I was able to do the 2nd safe expansion quest. Thank you Markus.


Tahvo also came to visit me in my Moghouse. :D


Yay more space!


More Campaign


Cute Ninja Taru I saw in campaign. :D


Saw the coolest looking Taru-DRG in campaign, he was so cute and had all beastman hats and kept switching them. xD


Yay, the reward for my campaigning.


The last time I went campaigning I got the shock of my life when I saw my first ever chased me and killed me in the end. ;_;


Went campaigning with Toby and some nice people afterwards, was a lot of fun. Having a party in campaign means I dont die as often which rocks. xD


So guys. I will most probably be very busy till the end of February because of my exams. I know how important exams are but the be honest I am fed up with my freetime being practically non-existant atm. The thing that hit me the most was that because of my absence my CoP group decided to replace me and move on. No they didn't ditch me luckily. But they really want Sea-access so they moved on and did the Snoll battle and will do Airship soon.

I was really really sad though, we started together almost half a year ago and I wanted us to finish CoP together. They promised to help me catch up as soon as I come back which is very nice of them and I appreciate it, I am just scared that some of the members may not want to do the airship battle a 2nd time. So yeah I don't really know how to feel. I totally understand them wanting to get Sea and am happy that they will help me catch up but on the other hand I just feel sad since we've been doing everything together for months and now I will be the one dragging behind who needs help with everything again. ;_;

Oh well thats the end of my post for today. Wish me luck on my exams guys and I'll hopefully have interesting screenies in a few weeks once I can play again. ^-^

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Your screenshots always look great. Hopefully exams go well and you get more play time.