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Buttons Megapost. O.o"

Hi guys, been a while since I posted. I haven't been lazy though, I've got a humongous amount of screenshots ready, was a real pain to resize them all haha. xD This actually ended up being on of my largest posts so far, so enjoy! :D
Just open my blog in a tab, give it a while to load all the images and then have fun reading about and seeing my adventures.

I decided to upgrade my Gobbybag again, woot 40 slots now! :D


More CoP fun!


OMG they left me stranded and all alone! ;_;



Arte found a Buttons in his chest! >:3


On our way to Promy Vahzl wee!





Silly blonde dude always causing trouble :/


Cool glowy stuff o.o


Gogo Prishe!




Storyline is so good...but also confusing o.o


The climb up Promy Vahzl begins! >:3


Yucky NMs >.<




So we made it to the top, woot. Then came the Big Boss. It was all 3 previous Promyvions Bosses packed into one room, you would pull one at a time and when the one Boss gets to 20% HP the 2nd one would attack, then when that one was low on health the third one would aggro.

We had our strategy worked out, had our items, had decided I was to kite/tank the first aggro and Lary the last one. It worked pretty well, we had the 2nd boss on 2% health when all hell broke loose, Lary had the third Boss as well as the tiny monsters the 2nd one spawned on him, I was trying to kill the 2nd Boss with my 2 hour but also had 2 small monsters on me and the others were also being eaten alive by the little ones the 2nd NM spawns, there must have been 5-6 of them. It was an absolute disaster . ;_; We wiped...

Of course we had Reraise on so got back up and went to recover. Potato our WHM/SMN had lost his RR right before he was killed so Bukyja carefull went to raise him and all 5 Mini Monster and the 2nd Boss went for him, so all of us wiped a 2nd time and without reraise....

It was seriously the first real low I've had in CoP, we were so close and always worked perfectly in sync but the little monsters spawning was just too much for us.

We had to Homepoint and get all the way back to Promy Vahzl..this time we changed our strategy by letting Artemision come on his RDM instead of his MNK and Lary and I brought Terroanimas as well as the normal ones we had before.

This time the fight went so smoothly I could just laugh. Instead of tanking the aggroing boss we would use a terroanima, making it run around in fear and giving us time to finish off the one we were fighting atm. I was in charge of totally immobalising the 2nd Boss which loved to spawn his little devils. So I spammed my taru-butt off with my 2 little animas and we killed it perfectly without it spawning too many little ones. The last boss was still running around from a Terroanima when we engaged him and he died easily as well, even though he was supposed to be the hardest one.

So we did it, we beat Promyvion Vahzl, good job guys, I really have the best Linkshell ever! <3

The yucky 2nd Boss who made us wipe... T_T


Yay we killed it and won! >:3


More CS again. :D



Oh noes Buttons unconcious again...


Oh noes the screw-up taru triplets.....



Markus helped me do the Mog Safe Expansion quest by lending me his bed and crafting the items needed for me. Thank you Markus! :D


<3 my friend Mog, Moogles rock!


More CoP haha, the dreaded 3-Paths...


Markus had the last card I needed so I was finally able to finish the Tarut Card quest yay.



And I finally finished my next Genkai Quest, now only 8k to lv66 then I can fight Maat.....(although I will wait till lv70 I think xD)


The screenshots aren't finished yet, we're only at the halfway mark. *insert ebil Taru laugh*

I was farming tiger fangs and hides when Octy decided to join me, he showed me his new Tiger Hat (how fitting for the occasion xD) and we had tons of fun chasing the tigers around Battallia Downs. xD


So my CoP group started doing the 3-Paths Part of CoP. We started with Tenzen's Path.


Carbuncle! <3



Before I continued the 3 Path's I had organised a Mission Run for the Windy Mission storyline for my Linkshell. We attempted to get Rank 7 and Rank 8 in one afternoon. I just love the Windy storyline but am disappointed at how mean and close-minded the Star Sybill is. ;_;


During the mission's running around I noticed how beautiful Sarutabaruta truly is.


Uh oh. O.o


This isn't fair. I was just doing the missions assigned to me and now the Star Sybil calls me a traitor and sends me to my death in a duel againts Yagudos....Buttons HATES the chickens nuu! ;__;


This cutscene was funny, the Yagudo Priest introduced the fighters for the tourney and I was called....Buttons the....Unremarkable! ;_;


This BCNM was a lot of fun and Shokun, Tahvo, Evyen and myself kicked Chicken-butt muahaha xD


Afterwards we had to go to Castle Oz to a secret room way at the top to get our rewards. Geez the chicken wasn't very friendly to us though. :/


Yay Rank 7! (I didn't get a SS of the Rank up screenshot since I was typing in party chat ;___; Really sad about it.)


The missions, while fun, had taken longer than expected and the others had a ZNM run scheduled for that day so we decided we wouldn't be able to get Rank 8 as well but we did have enough time for the first Mission leading to Rank 8. ^-^

We went all the way down into the sewers and killed the Hinge Oils to be able to go inside the 6th Ministry....Buttons goes to the door, clicks....cannot enter.....OMG I was so dumb and had forgotten to talk to a specific NPC beforehand.

I felt so horrible and guilty for screwing up so badly but Evy, Shok and Tahvo waited for me. So I went back to Windurst and had to run back to the Horutoto Ruins, back into the Sewers and then I got lost lol....took me forever to get to the Monsters we had to kill a 2nd time. In the end I found the way and we easily killed off the Slimes. :D


Now the Star Sybil is nice to me again, she sure is odd-taru. >.>



We will finish Rank 8 and hopefully also get Rank 9 and 10 within the next few weeks, my schedule is so busy with University and end-exams coming up so we'll see how we can fit it in. ^-^

So back to CoP, Tenzen's Path! :D

So on Saturday we all gathered together to get this mission out of the way.

Taru-friends for life! :D


I did this awesome WS while I was waiting for everyone to get there. xD


Kings of teh Hill! >:D


This mission is usually dreaded by most since it requires going through 16 doors, each with a trap that spawns a NM. These NMs get harder as you progress. I'Ve heard of some parties that have taken hours to get through the gates.....

Well not us lol. We went inside and we met up with 2 different Japanese parties. We allianced with the one party for a few doors then with the other one for the last few doors. We had do many skilled people that we were through all doors within a matter of minutes. It was so much fun I will never forget it. xD


I love this screenshot, it just looks cool.


I enjoy the CoP cutscenes so much but sometimes I get sad when I notice for some people the cutscenes dont mean a thing and they just skip through them all and start spamming the party chat with: Finished, let's go!

It's one of my weaknesses but i can't stand people talking in chat during a CS, it makes my screenshots look ugly and breaks my concentration. I just want 2 mins of quiet to enjoy the cutscene and enjoy the story, that isn't asking too much imo. >.>

Carbuncle's gate! :D



I want his Katana *.*


Wolfgang was nice to me for once! :O!


The last NM we had to fight for Tenzen's path, we fought it on Lightsday so it was easy as pie. xD



The last part of the mission was going through another tower in Beaucedine Glacier and to meet up with Fenrir for some very nice cutscenes. :D They could really make a movie out of CoP it's so damn good. O.O





Woot we finished Tenzen's Path! :D


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