Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! Buttons vs Fire Breathing Caterpillar!

Happy New Year guys! I hope everyone had a fun New Year's and now has lots of energy for 2009. May it be an awesome year for everyone! ^_^

Yay, Buttons has been up to some more mischief so time for more exciting screenshots! *munches popcorn*
A few of us in the LS wanted to level so we headed to Aydeewa again to level, such a fun place. :D
Malys let me use his Hauby+1 for the party, was so awesome, although I couldn't stop pulling hate haha. xD



We went on for a long time and I was 3k tnl when we disbanded, went campaigning a bit and woot, got level 65! ^_^

Met Octy in town and he bought my old GKatana for his Nin, so I had enough gil to go and buy my Onikir! It's my favourite Katana so far, it looks so cool. *.*


Hanging around in Whitegate with our Swords. xD


Since my last party was level synced to 61 I didn't have enough skill level to immediately have Tachi:Gekko at lv65, so I went duoing with Lary for some skillups. Somehow I wasn't really getting any good skillups so we went to besieged...which gave me only one skill level rofl ;_;


Since I still didn't have 2 of my AF pieces Cerise, Shokun and Octavious (on Xzerios) decided to help me finally get them so we headed to Kuftal Tunnel first to get the Coffer Key. We got it within 5 minutes hehe.


Afterwards we headed to the dreaded Temple of Uggalepih, it was my first time there. Even though it's highly dangerous, especially for my level, I just love this place. I've always liked Tonberries, I loved killing the tons of Tonberrys in FFVIII to get the Tonberry King GF and ever since I've loved the little critters, even if I despise fighting them and their dangerous skills.

Invisible Buttons following Shokun around again, such a cool Temple *.*


While we were there Cerise decided to pop a NM, unfortunately we didn't get the drop.


Some more running around in the overgrown old dilapidated temple.


We got the Coffer in the End for my AF Body yay. So all that was left to do was go to Castle Zvahl Baileys with the Key Item we got in Kuftal to get my AF Gloves.

Buttons does some more sneaky sneaky sneaking. *.*


Forgot to take a SS of our Dark Spark fight, was too excited...but anyway, back to Jeuno, talked to the ghost of the armour crafter and tada...Buttons can now officially look like a Samurai weeee! :D


Showing my new armour to Mog the Moogle.


Dang these Kadomatsu are huge. O.o


So I still didn't have Tachi:Gekko and it was driving me nuts lol. Shokun was nice enough to offer to go skilling with me in the Boyada Tree. Was my first time here and I found another Zone that I love, It's the home of the Mandies, they even have little houses inside giant acorns! <3


Unfortunately my skill was somehow stuck and I only got 0.2 skillup the whole time we were there, plus Shokun died to an elemental which made me feel horrible. Sorry Shokun and thanks for always helping me with all the stuff I need to get done, I appreciate it a LOT. :D

Been a while since I've seen Markus ingame so we hung out a bit. ^^


He gave me some sweets which turned be into a baby taru girl, how cool haha. :D


So yesterday I spent most of my afternoon studying and when I was done O logged in after dinner and thought: "Screw it, I want my damn Tachi:Gekko today!" So I started my own exp party together with Shokun and Markus even though i DESPISE being the leader lol.

God guys you don't know how horrible it was trying to find people to join lol. There was NO ONE online yesterday, must have all had a hangover from New Years haha.

I found a SCH relatively fast but then we spent over an hour trying to find a Tank....In the end Shokun literally sent a tell to every single NIN and PLD over lv65 and asked them to come. Finally a NIN called Hotmama agreed but she didn't have Halvung Staging Point. So Shokun was nice enough to escort her there. I quickly found some other people to fill the party and off we headed for the big ol' Volcano to wack some fire-breathing caterpillars....wait fire breathing caterpillars...that doesn't sound normal....yeah they aren't normal at all haha.

It's been forever since I've levelled with a SMN and Markus just proved yesterday how awesome and usefull a SMN can be, I am suprised they aren't used more often, the buffs were just mind-blowing. :D

Looky Markus is a tall version of me! :D


Our Setup was MNK, SAM, DRK, NIN, SCH, SMN and it was perfect. We levelled for 2 hours without downtime, literally! We didn't need to rest once, it was insane. :D Only towards the end did our barfire wear off the second the bug breathed fire so a few died, and poor Markus died twice. ;_; But in the end those deaths were't that bad considering we lvled for 2 hours straight with no downtime at all. :D


OMG GKatana Skill 225; My first Tachi:Gekko and it did decent damage too.


Kill them Slugs !!! >:3


Markus and his awesome Garuda making us all speedy! :3


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