Monday, December 29, 2008

Presents, Moblin Caves, Monster Hordes and a Volcano.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I had. ^^ Got some nice DS and PSP Games as well as a very interesting book. :D

Dragonball Origins was on of the games I got and I love it. Dragonball Games are almost notorious for being so bad but this one is almost like Zelda Phantom Hourglass and tells the original Dragonball Story where Goku is still a kid. A very fun game.
I just hate how the German DS Games now have this bigass age restriction thingy that ruins the beautiful box art. ;_;

The second game I got for Christmas was Star ocean First Departure. It's simply amazing, I just love old-school RPGs. Luckily I got an English Version with the nice box-art. This pic is of the German Cover since I couldn't find a good one of the one I have. Mine looks the same only it doesn't have that age-recommendation that ruins the art.

And the last game i got was one I've wanted ever since it was released on the PSOne but never made its way to Europe. Valkyrie Profile!
I was soo happy when I unpacked this game, so I opened it up and started reading the manual when I notcied....the game was missing from the PSP Box! WTH?! A sealed game and it was empty inside. It was so disappointing and my mom felt so bad for giving me something that was empty inside.
But on Saturday we went to the electronics store she bought the game at and got our game refunded and got a new copy. I've only just started the game but I love it! :D

Since I love Fantasy Books I also got "A Game of Thrones". Am halfway through the book already and it's really good. ^^

Ok now on to proper FFXi Screenshots! ^-^

I've been playing a bit more again thanks to christmas break, and I've become addicted to Campaign haha.


My LS tried MMM together and we had tons of fun. Our Monster families sucked though, Elementals and big Rhino-thingies. @.@

I found this pretty lake next to the Moblins Shop.




We had found a new Rune which I got and wanted to try it but it was soooo full. We tried to get in for over an half hour when my patience snapped and I logged off lol.


MMM seems fun and interesting but I'll wait a bit more until people have figured it all out so we can do it more effectively. ^^

Back to Campaign. Watch out Flying Ninja Chicken Kick!!!


Shokun decided to start a lvling party with Hawox, Bukyja and myself. We went to Aydewa something and I just loved this place. Was so much fun to level here as we killed Diremites as well as Worms and were constantly running around between camps. Was fun to run around and not stand in the same spot for hours. I went from lv62 to 64 with the Xp from the party and my campaign xp combined, very happy about it. :D


This place is so cool *.*



I just loved the Christmas Decorations in Windy, so I sat on my little hill and watched the people run around. ^^


Monster hit 75 a while ago, grats Monster!


Ouch DAMNIT!!!!


This Chicken looked like an eagle...weird. It also killed me 5 secs after this screenshot was taken. ;_;


I was AFKing in Windy when my friend Octy was suddenly next to me! Love his little taru Ninja, looks kickass. xD


Yay went up another rank!


Hanging around Al'Zhabi with Haw and Hopha waiting for Troll Besieged..but since trolls are soo slow...


I went with Octavious to unlock my Halvung Staging Point so I could continue levelling and go to Mount Zahjolm or however you spell it. xD

We went inside a Volcano with Lava. O.o


Ooh the Ocean! :D


Yay got it. Thanks Octy! :D


We came back in time for Troll Besieged but it was the shortest Besieged ever lol. Although I did get one skill level, 1400 xp and some IS in those 10minutes so I am not complaining. xD


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