Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hey guys, hope you all had a fun week. Time for some screenshots again. :D

I think I'll start off with this purchase I made in the AH the other day, I remember these pants being over 50k a few weeks ago, now they dropped to 10k. I got it for....


I was really happy that I got them this cheap. xD

One of the first people to help me out in FFXI apart from Evy and Tahvo was Tarumage. He finally came back to the game. Welcome back Tarumage! :D


We went campaigning together and boy oh boy did we have a fun time. Good xp and lots of fun. ^-^


Ok a few casualties did take place...but that's what raise is for >:3




Thanks to campaign I finally lvled, reached lv62 yay. Now I can finaly wear those awesome boots I was able to buy with my Christmas Present Money from Brokenangel. Even though my birthday is only end at the of January my good friend Lilmonster totally surprised me by giving me some gil as an early birthday present so I was able to buy the minuet earring I've wanted for a while. ^^

My new taru slippers rock!!


Today was my last day of Universty for this year, my holidays just started. So my LS and I did all of the Christmas Event Quests together, it was so much fun.


Don't we Tarus just look awesome in our Santa Costumes? xD


We had agreed that everyone would buy a present of any kind for around 1k gil and then pass it to our Santa Claus Lary the Galka. He then randomly distributed our present to us. I got a Flower Growing Starter Kit! A Brass Flowerpot and 3 bags of seeds! Even though we were supposed to keep it secret I bought a Water Pitcher, a cool Mog House item which Bukyja got in the end. :D


Our group pics, so hard to get everyone to sit still. In the one Hawok is still running around and in the other one Lary was already logged out lol >.<



I was able to get all the Christmas Items I wanted so I decorated my Mog House with the help of Mog the Moogle, my trusty little best friend.


I want to wish all of you guys a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Have fun, spend time with friends and loved ones and enjoy the festive season! Thanks for kind comments and support. May 2009 be as good a year as 2008 was. ^-^




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