Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buttons gets an early Christmas Present!

I first thought about just editing my earlier post from today but i decided this deserves a special post.

As most of you guys know I made most of my gil with Blood Farming and we all know what Square Enix did with it... yeah they nerfed it.
So I'vee been trying different methods this weekend and a few are working its just a lot slower. So I was a bit sad and discouraged and was about to go to bed when I saw an old friend who i hadn't seen in ages sitting near my Mog House, Endtanis!

I met Endtanis a loong time ago when I was a little nublet. I was on the airship to Windurst and this high level shiny Paladin started chatting to me, it was the first time that I saw a high level Paladin haha. I had not seen him in ages so I sat down and chatted away.

I also met such a nice little Taru called Brokenangel. She seemed so nice and I was so surprised when she gave me a christmas present!
She gave me a bit of gil and I finally had enough to buy the boots that I've been trying to save up for for weeks!

It was so unexpected and it really made me so happy, it's random acts of kindness like this that really make you all bubbly inside and can make a person happy. Thank you Angel. ^-^

I'll wrap up these boots and next weekend I'll farm some more so I can buy a christmas tree during the event to put my present under. Thank you! =D
(And 8k XP more and I can actually wear the boots hehe >:3)

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