Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mog House Update. =D

Hi guys.

With the Easter Event underway, I of course had to participate. I spent a lot of gil but managed to get all the pieces I wanted except the Crystaline Egg, but paying 10k for it in Jeuno was a bit too much imo.

For those that don't know yet there are 4 new items, the Egg Stool, Locker, Lamp and Table. If you trade these 4 items to your moogle he will turn them into the Egg Buffet. Trading him the Egg Buffet converts it back to the four original parts.

My new Egg Table:


Egg Stool:


Egg Locker:


My Egg Lamp. I accidentally got two of them lol.


The infamous Egg Buffet, it's huge!


I prefer the furniture items apart though, than together as the egg buffet. So with my new furniture I found it was time to update and rearrange my Mog House!

Looky, am also wearing my Engetsuto which my friend Octy bought me. Am gonna be busy busy now skilling up my Polearm skill. :D



This is my favourite part of my Mog House. My 9-drawer Almira with my Windurst Flag in the background, all my egg statues and my clock and my blue chest and Mandragora Lantern. I'll be able to obtain my airship modell soon, am looking forward to it.


Sadly my Fish Bowl glitched again so my fishies disappeared for the screenshot. :/


My writing Desk. :D


View from the back.


That's it for today. Will probably make a longer post soon. Have fun guys. <(^^)>/

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Anonymous said...

Awesome MH, next time though you need to run it like an MTV show.

"Sup yo, my name be Buttons and this is my CRIB"

(intro screen)

"Right here you can see I got me some premium Egg Tables up in here. My dogs like to come and partake of my Egg Buffet but I'm all like 'No man, this shit is too dope for your ass.' But hey, what can a taru do right"

ok, I have way to much fun with that <,<;;;;