Friday, May 1, 2009

Yes, Buttons is still alive and kicking!

Hi guys. Sorry that I haven't updated in such a long time. University started again for me three weeks ago and boy oh boy has it been a bumpy ride. Tons of work and studying to do, then my friends all go drama-lama, let's just say it's been exhausting lol. I haven't done THAT much in-game lately, I really wish I had more time. But I do have a few screenshots of stuff I did so here they are. :D

Finally! After a year of doing the airship quest everytime I fly I finally got the final title! ^-^/


As I shortly mentioned in my last post, my friend Octy totally went overboard and bought me this. Thank you so much Octy I absolutely love it!


A bit of campaigning finally netted me the last 2 merit points I needed to get 3/5 store tp, which means I can finally use double woodsman rings as well as my fuma kyahan that Octy bought me when I dinged 75. :D I still need to merit a lot more, want to finish Store TP and get started on GKatana and Overwhelm but I just can't find the time/energy to merit it seems. :/


Oddly enough I was near Castle Oz a while ago and thought I'd go check on both chickens and waddya know, my arch-nemesis Mee Deggi was up. You guys already know how this story ended if you've read my blog a gloves. 0/15 now? I lost count lol....stupid gloves would be so nice for a polearm WS piece.


Later on I helped Octy farm some scroll for his RDM since they were still around 60k on the AH. We wanted to get one for both of us but sadly only one dropped. At least Octy got one for his litto Taru! :D


Having gotten one of the best AH polearms for my SAM I of course had to finally skill up my polearm skill. So Jurri and I have been very busy skilling up. Unfortunately Jurri has way more free time than me so he is already over 200 polearm skill and on the way to having more merits than me. My student is passing his master! ;_;


Also got a random invite to level my Dancer so I got one level yay.


Had fun skilling up with LS friends.


I've done a lot of MMM with Jurri,Pythean and Alixia. Pyth and Ali want a Koggelmander one day and are collecting runes and Jurri and I tagged along for fun. I finally got 300 marbles and had to buy the Spelunker's Helmet!


Afterwards I rushed to Whitegate to show Octy my new hat plus he had a surprise for me he said. O.o" Our posing resulted in this pic. xD


Octy knew I needed a Gold Key to finish Three Paths in CoP so he found a cheap one in a bazaar and bought it for me. So we rushed off to finish the mission.


Found this NM on the way, sadly it didn't drop the smexy 90k pants.


CoP Cutscenes again.



I logged on last weekend and the LS wanted to do a Qufim party so I rushed my dancer there.


Was so much fun and the levels just poured in!




Am glad my Dancer sub is almost finished, 4 levels to go!


I did some more skilling and finally got Penta! Am at 162 polearm skill now, still need a lot more before I can start using polearm in parties, campaign and merit parties. :( Still need a proper WS as well which is out of my reach atm since its so expensive to get proper pieces lol.


Also did some duo'ing with Shokun on my dancer.


Today when I logged on I was asked to help to kill the O-hat NM so I rushed over there. The battles were a lot of fun, only sad part was that I didn't have a cluster to pop a hat of my own. We also got 2 Scrolls of Fire IV to drop but as unlucky as I am I didn't get one of those either lol.


Jurri got his O-hat!


We popped the NM 3 times, once for Buky, Tahvo and Jurri.


Tahvo is so cute in his icecream-cone hat!


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