Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Adventures and a Dilemma.

It's about time for some new screenshots so let's get this show rolling!

I am still undecided about what to do with my PUP. I love the job and it's level 13 now and I got my ranged frame. If only I had a few hundred k gil to blow on attachments so I could just level without having to worry... :/

Pamama is so cute! *_*



I was on my way to Ordelle's Cave in order to quest my RSE pants when I found him, I've never seen him before. He looks funny. xD


So yeah I tried to quest my RSE pants in Ordelle's Cave....NEVER AGAIN! I ran around clueless in the cave for one and a half hour because I could not find the damn room with tier II goblins that drop the chest key, I never thought you could drop down the holes.... ;_; So when I finally found the goblins I had to literally kill them for hours before a key dropped. And as if my nerves weren't bad enough, it took me over an hour to find the damn chest. I guess someone always openend one right when I was running a circuit around all the pop locations... After almost 5 hours in that damn cave I finally got the key item haha!


Now my puppetmaster has some pants to wear at lv31!


Lately I've just had the itch to try different classes so I went and unlocked BLU which puts me into another dilemma. The storyline seems as interesting as the PUP one and you guys know I am a sucker for good storyline, from what I've seen of the job so far it's a TON of fun. So maybe I should level BLU instead of PUP, or level both? Hahaha I just don't know, my Samurai needs merits as well, but these new jobs seem so much fun. And the AF sets are just gorgeous.....

So anyway I had to go to this cool pool...


I was trick-tarud!



Oi what are they doing to me I don't wanna be some monster aaaah!


This dude is creepy....


So off I went to start being a good little Blue Mage. I started off in Gustaberg to get Pollen and Sandspin. I was so lucky and got Sandspin on my first mob haha. Pollen took a bit longer, I had to gather tons of bees and have them whack me. I got it in the end though. I also got Sprout Smack pretty fast which made me happy. ^-^/

First time casting Blue Magic!


Next I went to Ronfaure to get Foot Kick. Had to train a gazillion bunnies and learned it after about 3 trains of mobs. xD Gotta love FoV Regen hehehe xD


Yesterday I decided to commit my entire day to skilling up my polearm skill because of the event bonus. I spent 2 hours in Kuftal Tunnel and got to 199 skill, then went to the tree with Octy who needed to skill his shield skill. We kept training tons of Mandies and Bunnies which was a ton of fun. xD


Octy also showed me the hidden area where Ramuh's protocrystal is!


We also took a road-trip to Dragon's Aerie since I've never been there, such an amazing place! O.o"


No one ever looks up..this is what you guys are missing!


Two little Tarus exploring a huuuuge world!


Angel Buttons!


I ended the day by going skilling again with some LS mates, I got to around 216 polearm skill I think which makes me very happy. Not that long and I'll be capped. :D


That's all for today, am gonna go level either my Blu or Pup now, still undecided. xD

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Rubett said...

If you like storylines I highly recommend at least unlocking corsair :3