Monday, June 1, 2009

Buttons soars into the sky but falls....

Hey guys, it's been a while. Am still pretty busy in Rl with all my university work but also have a new batch of screenshots, so let's get on with this post hehe. :D

I've been having a blast with Pamama and PUP continues to pe a job that fascinates me.



Octy decided it was time to do the Zilart expansion with me so off we went. We grabbed Lucy and headed off to the Temple of Watchamacallit to beat up some tonberries.


The storyline is actually very interesting, am loving this expansion even if it is the oldest.





Five volunteered to help us with the Antican BCNM which was a lot of fun. Was hilarious when Five said: OMG these are heasy I dont need to cast Utsu! 5 minutes later he was one-shotted by eagly eye shot. xDD We had a laugh but won in the end. ^-^/






Afterwards we rushed to fight the big 'ol bad guy Kam'lanaut!


Five proved how strong a 75 PUP can be, this guy went down so fast it was insane. xD



Dang Kam'lanatu has a sneaky brother. O.o"





Buttons gets teleported to the ancient city in teh sky!


Octy took me exploring in Sky, I love the zone, it's so exciting and beautiful. Can't to join a friends sky LS once my vacation kicks in.




Evyen was doing the ACP expansion and wanted to do the Fei'Yin Battle and since I needed it as well I tagged along. It was a really fun battle, the teleporting goblin was hilariously funny.




For the last two months I have been trying to organise the airship battle for myself and a few other LS members. On saturday it was finally time. I thought we had overprepared, I had bought us so many hi-potion tanks, yellow liquids etc. you name it. Our first dry run went so well we decided to go all out on our second run.




OMG scary Ultima!


All went well until we got Ultima at 27%. Somehow I got oneshotted and Tahvo (PLD) died shortly after and we wiped. We got up and rested and we were sure we still had enough time left. The same exact second we were unweakened and engaged again we were kicked out.

I have to be honest. This was the single most horrible moment for me playing this game. We had planned this for weeks, read up our strategies, invested a lot of gil and effort and we lost.....we friggin lost....

We decided to quickly buy new pumps (25k each my piggybank was screeching...) and try again. I don't know what happened but Mammets took us longer than before and Omega was just being a bitch. We wiped to Omega and just gave up because there was no way we could win in time.


I felt really bad since I know how bad we all wanted this. I was responsable for us and somehow we couldn't win. We just could not deal damage fast enough because we had to heal non-stop. Octy and Five offered to take me along with their friends and just rip through that fight. I don't want to let my LS down at all, but I might accept that offer and hope we win the battle. I'll learn more about the battle and when I win I can go back and help Markus, Wasch and Bluevelvet win the battle as well.


shi said...

Hey, people aren't stuck in that fight for ages just because they can't get a group together. ^^ It just is HARD. It's only 0/2 for you so far, so don't be discouraged!

I'm expecting at least 5 non-dry tries for our second static before it goes through. xD

Anexia said...

6-4 is the one of (if not) the hardest fights I have ever done in FFXI. If you're going with a static you need to work around what jobs people have, but below is what I've found to be really successful.

RNG and/or SAM/rng and/or BLU x3

If the mages can be /sch that's great too--and you can mix/match DD and what mages you have to heal, I bet SCH'd do great too. The big thing though is to have RANGED dd--every time I've used dd that have to be in close range we've failed miserably.

I helped my boyfriend with this fight and we tried probably 6-7 times before doing this set up 1/1, and since then I've helped 2-3 friends go 1/1 too with it.

Good luck though Buttons! You'll get it sooner or later!

Thai-Binh said...

Like the folks said above, don't be discouraged! The fight does take some practice.

If you can put a BRD in this battle, he/she can do wonders, as mambo the evasion song helps the tank a great deal in this battle.

Other PT buffs ande Elegy on the bosses can easily compensate the loss of a DD spot.