Sunday, June 21, 2009

Buttons' first proper rare/ex drop!

Hey guys, it's been a while. No I haven't gone missing, but exams are closing in so I have been busy with university assignments, random studying and watching tv inbetween and feeling bad for not studying haha. ^^"

Octy has been lvling PLD lately and now loves strutting around in his new AF armour. PLD armour is still one of the best looking sets in-game. *.*


Since I got to 75 I have hardly merited so one night I had the urge and put up my flag and got invited into a party with an apoc DRK. It was tons of fun, just felt a bit sorry for the poor mages who had to keep up with the damage the DRK was taking. xD


The Swift Belt static we had founded last year but had forgotten about was revived and now TONS of new people wanted a belt lol. So we went back to Sacrarium and got started and on the first NM we already got a belt. I had such a brilliant lot and was sure I won until little Tahvo outlotted me lol. Grats Tahvo! :D



The second Balor also dropped a belt but this time we all had major fail lots... O.o"


We popped one more Balor and the Mithra NM once but got no more belts and called it a day.

During one of my random logins one evening I met some awesome Tarus in Whitegate and we had tons of fun just standning around and goofing off. xD


Scaring litto WhItemage haha. xD


We went back to the sewers under Tavnazia to farm some more fomor codex since we needed a few more and since those that attended were awarded points for attendance so they could lot on future swift belt drops. :D

Such cute little Tarus!


Die taurus die!


We got a few codexes and were happy but Tahvo also died a few times again. I also died once and Pyth sat on my head, but that screenshot will not be posted, too gruesome. O.o"


I was so busy with University stuff that I forgot that it was Buttons very first birthday! Buttons has been adventuring in Vana'diel for over one year now. Happy Birthday Buttons! As a present Tahvo and I were awarded our airship models by a sweet little taru NPC.

So I put on my bomber-hat (see it even has goggles and ear warmers!) and sat airship and played airship captain inside my Mog House!




Two weeks ago I had the urge to level but sat with my flag up for a whole Friday and Saturday afternoon and was really let down. Like come on, I am a SAM, just cause I don't have /NIN so many JPs dont wanna merit with me. But then as I was about to give up I got an invite and it turned out to be the best merit party I ever had! I got so many merits that day that I am now at 5/5 store tp and also got my first GKatana Merit!

Another bonus to my party was that 4 members were Tarus!



As you guys know I had been lvling my polearm skill but it was still not capped so I was unsure of whether I should use polearm or not. I had bought a stack of crab sushi and since we had a bard and a cor I was buffed buffed buffed and just went all out with polearm. Not only am I almost capped now, I actually did ok and was totally satisfied, especially considering that I was not capped and have not put together a proper polearm weaponskill set yet cause of lack of funds and time.


Taru power!


Mog Bonanza also came and went. I had bought only 10 marbles on Buttons since I don't have and want any mules. I didn't win anything big but I got an Adamantoise statue which now sits on the shelf over my bed. It's awesome! *_*


So 2 weeks after the last swift belt run we gathered this morning and went in again. Pythean and I had the most points so we were really excited about getting our belts!

And what do you know, the first Balor was nice to us!


I had an absolute fail lot again but grats Pyth.

So I knew the next belt is mine since I had the most points but boy oh boy was I nervous. We popped the next Balor and right at the beginning his Eagle Eye Shot killed Tahvo. Thanks Goodness Brev was on NIN so we managed to kill the NM. I was literally in a cold sweat when he died and when I was waiting that one second to see if a belt dropped or not..and...


It dropped! It DROPPED!!!!! I have never felt this happy in-game before. I've been working towards this belt for months. We started last year and then went on a break for a few months and started up again and I tried to be at every single farming and spawning run, I am so happy now. It's my first official rare/ex drop apart from my Bounding Boots. Thank you guys, thank you soo much. Now it's time to get the rest of the people in the static their belts!

We popped one more Balor after this one but sadly no drop. We'll try again soon. :D

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