Monday, July 27, 2009

Buttons is back from my study break - Moogles, Sky and Dynamis. O.o"

Hi guys, I'm back after my long study break and am so happy to be back. I passed all my exams and can relax for a bit so of course i rushed myself into tons of things to do in FFXI. Time for a super-duper-megapost! :D (spoilers included too)

Just before I went on my study break I helped the LS with a 99 Kindred Seal Wyrm battle. Us gathering:


Fighting the scary dragon o.o"




We did 3 runs and on the second run we got a friggin speed belt. Grats Princadarkness on one of the rarest items in teh game. :D (Or a very rare and expensive one at least xD)


Had to take some celebration shots on being done with exams



Also went campaigning to try the new Union system. Seems my friends always get lucky on the drops and I lose every single lot lol.


I levelled my PUP some more. I enjoy it so much but am still a bit reluctant to level it properly. It's just soo expensive and I am so bad at making gil and my samurai would like a Hagun sooooo bad but they're 3mil lol. So yeah, I wish I could just instantly win every single PUP attachment in a lottery and level it properly. xD




My carbuncle ruby had already collected all the weather colours since I always had it in my inventory so I finally finished the Summoner flag quest. :D



I bought the new expansion since I really want the hat you can get once you are through plus I really enjoy story content. :D


So my moogle house was broken so Mog my trusty Moogle buddy fixes it... O.o"


It literally took me 2 days to get the Yagudo Caulk to drop lol. It didn't matter thought since I was farming bead necklaces anyway so I can finally unlock Ninja and start levelling it as a subjob.


The next part had me do some mining and logging. My first time doing it and it was a lot of fun. Just tons of flying around on the airship and running a million miles. xD





I always check bazaars to see if I can't find a 500k Hagun or something else where a zero was forgotten. xD This little taru had a bazaar full of cheap items and I bought most of it to fill my Hagun piggybank. I also got a Federation Aketon and a Republic Aketon for only 50k each. I gave the bastok aketon to Markus and now I can finally run around with movement speed+% in Windurst :D And the taru was there whose bazaar it was and he was happy that I bought stuff, so I don't feel bad for buying wrongly priced stuff like I probably would have in other bazaars.


OMG my Moogle got cursed! ;_;



Five-taru just got his Gnadbhod's Helmet (*drool*) and had time to help me with the cardian battle. I needed to kill these cardians so that Shantotto could uncurse my moogle.


Was such a fun fight:


Shantotto to the rescue! (Although she was the one who sold the curse, silly taru...)


OMG poor Mog. ;_;



WTF evil mafia moogles hahaha, this expansion really is a comedy storyline expansion xD


I tagged along for my first nyzul run, a floor 80 boss run. I kinda died lol and it didn't drop anything, don't think I'll do Nyzul again anytime soon lol.


My swift belt static had another run and it was a cool one. Breva's first child was born a few hours prior and he was up all night and just got home from the hospital but still attended our run since he was first in line for the belt. Now that is what I call dedication! We killed the Hume NM and not a single belt dropped, we felt SO bad. Then we decided to pop the Mithra NM once before we left and tada, Swift Belt for Breva! Grats dude, first-born son and swift belt in one day! :D


I didn't leave empty handed either, I finally got my samurai subligar for the body piece quest.


I decided to start endgame a bit since I have 2 months of vacation now and would LOVE some byakkos haidate for my sam. I was there for my first run and LOL... Malys was asleep and we couldnt pop anything so we just hung around and killed stuff, was fun. :D




Summoner Buttons!



I also helped Alixia in the BCNM for her Scholar AF hat. Was easy peasy. :D


Toby and Lucross who are in my linkshell have their own dynamis linkshell and lucy has often asked me to tag along. When Evyen asked me if I wanted to tag along for Dynamis Windurst I thought why not and tagged along.


Boy oh boy it was something. Different that I expected and a bit laggy. I noticed one thing, being a Taru in Dynamis is horrible, you are so short you can't see a thing and always run into people. All I saw all evening was people's bums unless I zoomed out.




It seems we got awesome drops, 9 relic pieces in total and 4(!) L-Jadeshells.





Dynamis is so creepy and the music is so weird. xD


We were doing excellently until the Summoner NM decided to Astral Flow us with Ifrit. Was the biggest explosion I've ever seen. My entire screen went kabO0o0o0o0oO0oOo0Mmm and we were dead haha.


We quickly got raised since it was only use melees and went on killing. :D And see, we have our own avatars you silly chickens!



We finally got to the megaboss and let the Black Mages nuke it to death. I got to stand in the back and watch. :D


Tada, Buttons has Dynamis Windurst cleared woot! :D


I must say I had TONS of fun in Dynamis. I do not know if I can commit to regularely coming since it is REALLY time intensive and I am already doing sky now. But it was so much fun and the people are so nice that I may actually turn up more often when I can and maybe build up some points to get some pieces of Samurai relic armour? xD Thanks for letting me come along ShadowHearts LS, I had a wonderful time and think I'll join you guys in the future again if my time allows it. :D



ogdu said...

i love your blog, it is the best one out there hands down! your screenshots are the best, and as a newer Tarutaru resident in vana'diel it is inspiring to see all that lies ahead.

Anonymous said...

cg on windy clear...that one is a pain in the butt to get

keria said...

such an adorable taru '-'