Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buttons is making some progress! :D

Woot am back with another post.

I did some campign with Lucy, was tons of fun. We duo'd these two chickens apart from everyone else, was very nice xp in the end. :D


Also did some NM campaing. Valkurm Emperor, Mee Deggi and Quu Domi, unfortunately no drops again.



I had my first sky farming run on Thursday and it was tons of fun. I was extremely lucky and got a key early on and Lucy found a chest for me!


We farmed these giant thingies and got 2 Diorites in the end, woot. :D



Mother Globe was up so we killed it as well, was fun. xD


Faust was up as well so of course we went and killed it! *.*


Also used our Diorites to pop a few of these. Pewpewpew!


Last NM for the day was Steamcleaner, it died way too fast I wanted more screenshots!


I spent a lot of the week in upper jeuno looking for good deals in bazaars and got so lucky. A little JP taru was quitting.... ;_;... and had a 10k each item bazaar which I almost bought up xD. Jujitsu Gi, Blue and green cotehardie and various other items for 10k each. Also a maneater for only 100k. By reselling all these items I made around 300k profit! Thank you little Japanese taru! <3

During my time in upper jeuno I took pics of all the cute tarus!


I also tried my hand at a little low level crafting that got me some good profit for paying day to day expenses such as food and oils etc. :D


I went campaigning and there was this uber cute little girl taru monk. We fought side by side for ages until she died, I felt so bad. ;_;


I was looking for a merit party and once again got no invites *sob* I found Chrono-taru though and later Five joined us and we had fun goofing off in WG. :D


Since I am saving up for a Hagun like a mad obsessed little taru Chrono and Five took me along to hagun ENM. I fell off the damn mountain once but in the end we got to the top yay!


Chrono and Five are pro taru RDM and kited the ugly ant. All i could do was occasionally run in WS, get smacked in the face and almost die and run away again haha xD

Unfortunately we got no Hagun but we did get a Foragers! Yay!


The two were nice enough to give me a share of the money even though I felt I didn't contribute much. Thank you guys! <3 This marks an anniversary for Buttons, I finally made my first 1mil gil! My first reaction was zomg rich buttons! $_$ But then I remembered Hagun pricetag and thought, goody 1/3 of the way there gogogogo!


<3 Jeuno


This morning was Sky again and we popped some Gods for the first time for me! First up was Seiryu, we keeled it hard and it dropped some gloves for Malys woot!


After that was the one I was waiting for! Byakko the purple kitty that has the shorts I MUST have! *drool*


He didn't give us good drops, no haidate sadly. Afterwards we let a JP linkshell give it a go before we tried it again. Don't we look cool? xD


We popped our 2nd Byakko and things went smoothly again. Was a lot of fun. :D


Woot Haidate drop. They went to Drey, grats. :D Luckily only 2 people (that includes me) in the shell still need Haidate so it wont be too long until this taru strutts around in new shorts! :D


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OMG Buttons you put that bush's comment up lololol gratz on map tho heh. Lucy