Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buttons sets the airship record! O.o"

Time for a biiiig post, so much has happened I don't know where to start lol.

I finally managed to farm 250 bead necklaces and decided it was time to unlock NIN. Lucy was nice enough to help me with the NM.



NIN/PUP is awesome for low level soloing!


I went goldfish scooping with Shokun and I sucked at it haha. Shokun gave me some fishies later so I could get a butterfly to craft my cage. xD


Someone in my LS was nice enough to craft my cage for me and even signed it. His crafting mule is a taru called Fuzzylemur, so awesome!


I went adventuring with Octy and got a rare/ex katana for my NIN, a steammail from a giant lizzy and you can see my new butterfly cage in the background!


I'm really enjoying Sky and have not missed on run so far, it's always a lot of fun.


Also did my first Suzaku and Genbu.


Genbu is such an awesome turtle I want him as my pet!



I joined in on another Dynamis run, Dynamis Valkurm this time.


The megaboss was mean and something went wrong ;_;


The bad mood was quickly forgotten though since it was time to take a Dynamis LS pic! I took around 20 and gave the LS around 7 ones to choose from. Here are two of the ones I took of us. :D



My NIN is lv17 now and it's fun. I haven't tried a party yet since I am scared of tanking haha but sooner or later I will need to.


I was bored a few days ago and took the barge down Cacrpenter's landing for the first time. Was exciting but sadly no NM attacked me.


Princy and myself getting ready for besieged!


Had a very fun merit party with my LS and finally got my second overwhelm merit! :D


I liked this screenshot that I took flying to Jeuno.


I am so fascinated by the floors in sky that glow when you tread on them. I just run in circles and look at the floor glowing. o.o"


More Sky gods!



Grats Tusa on your Haidate. Woot I am next in line for haidate now, I hope byakko drops me my pair on sunday, wish me luck guys! :D


Lesca is one of the few nice mithras I know :D


And Xer is an awesome-sauce BLM


So guys....as you know I'Ve been stuck on airship for months and had about 9 failed attempts so far. Octy was nice enough to organise a full run for me and he even sponsored most items needed. We went in for 2 dry runs and did the full run on our 3rd try. We actually won! Yes that's right. Buttons has won the CoP airship fight! We even set the record with 19minutes and 47 seconds!!!!!

The bad thing....I forgot to turn on my fraps, it was turned off since I was scared of DCing and then I forgot to turn it back on! ;_; So sadly no screenshots. ;_;

I do want to thanks everyone who came to help me. Octavious and Velvet, Furoris and Vitali and of course our awesome galka samurai too! Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help you gave me. ^^

I love this screenshot of tenzen o.o



Of course I had to advance in CoP now. The story keeps getting better and better!

OMG the poor moblins ;_;


My taru looked weird in this cutscene o.o


Time for the Tenzen battle, off we go into the sky again!


Thanks everyone who came to help me, was a lot of fun and we pwned the silly samurai!


The plot thickens....wtf they wanna kill me to save the world!!


Of course the idiot Nag'moloda barges in again and ruins everything. Stupid evil person!



Wow. Almost one year after starting our static I am finally in Sea. YAY! :D


Not long till the end of CoP now. I can smell my Rajas Ring already. >:3


Yay Buttons has Sea access woooot!



And sea access means....brutal earring yay!!! I have been saving up hard for a hagun but decided to use half of the gil to buy coins for my brutal. It would take a long time for me to get Hagun anyway so might as well get a good upgrade now instead of waiting months and months.

My taru piggybank is empty now and hagun is a far off dream again but at least my samurai has a teeny tiny upgrade now. ^-^ Here's to hoping I get my Byakko's haidate and Rajas Ring soon. :D



Koshi said...

Greetings fellow Taru, Buttons! I've been following your screenshot thread since the beginning over on FFXIclopedia. Just so you know, this is Sasarai. Thank you again for the help with the resolution and what not! FFXI looks better than it ever has before. I decided to start re-blogging again early August and it's been rather fun. Currently leveling Paladin, so feel free to come read it anytime ^^.

Now, onto your post =3:

Wow. Chains of Promathia looks like a lot of fun =3. Congrats on the Airship fight especially, I know you were down about not being able to get it done last time. But I guess this is how things are XD you die the first time doing things in FFXI and next time you do it, you set a record (when applicable >.>b)!

Anonymous said...

Sure, the 1 SS I'm in, is the one where I'm dead... you didnt mention it was my Treasure Hunter Mijin that got the drops :(

Either way, grats on Sea.


Anonymous said...

Woo grats on Sea and gl on the haidate ^^ Lots of cool things coming all at once.