Sunday, August 30, 2009

The elusive Byakko's Haidate. O.o"

Hi guys, am back with with tons of new screenshots. I was a busy busy taru. D:

I did my very first Dynamis Bastok and it was a lot of fun!


I also got my very first relic drop and one of the most useful ones for SAM, the relic gloves. :D Thank you guys.


We got the win for me, yay.


Starla is such a smart bard, hiding where no Quadav can punt her. :D


We got excellent drops, also got 11 wootz ores. Also double SCH and COR drops.


I've been levelling my NIN, such a fun job. I loved how this screenshot turned out. I always had to stand on a cliff to see the entire dhalmel and not just legs lol.


Scary UFO in sky. ;_;


DoA and Octy helped me farm Organs for my Weapon Gorgets but we only got one since we had no thief.


DoA died and I took this cool screenshot. o.o"


I was first in line for Byakko's haidate already yay! But sadly both byakko we popped did not drop any haidate I was a heartbroken taru. ;_;


We did do my very first Kirin though and boy is it a scary and difficult NM! O.O;


It was a fun fight though and I had fun watching Diabolos blast it. :D


Unfortunately we didn't get any nice drops. I still say SE should up the drop rates on everything, supposed to be a fun game not work!


I did some FoV with Octy afterwards and we fought stuff that looked like mini Kirin lol


I grew some new plants to dry for my Mog House. A tree Cutting and Wheat Grain, I love them.


Finaly did Chapter 8-1 of CoP. It's so interesting.


The fights were fun :D


I forgave the little ebil taru.





I've been levelling my NIN a lot, its lv33 now so only 4 levels to go. :D

I absolutely love this screenshot, I didn't even know how it happened lol.


Our planned Dynamis Valkurm was cancelled because not enough people were online so we went to do Sandy so I could get the win. Was another fun run. :D



We won and now I only need to win Dynamis Jeuno to get access the the other Dynamis areas. :D


Drops werent that good although we did get 3 NIN pants lol. The highly sought after Bard hat did drop though and no one had it on their lot list. I was extremely happy because my little taru friend Vivinite who has been recently levelling his BRD got to lot the item. Grats Vivi, can't wait till you hit 75 and can use the hat. :D


Konda showes us how to successfuly MPK your entire alliance when you only have one BLM lol. Was hilarious. xD


Like every farming run I went as SAM/DNC but since we didnt have many mages there for the run I was main heal for my party LOL. xD Erase left and right, Heal, AoE heal...I got to experience first hand how mages must feel. :O


Was a very good farming run, we killed steamcleaner, mother globe, got 3 diorites and also got Despot twice. :D


Some awesome Tarus I found.

Look at the taru scholar in the middle to the left. He looks so awesome. I am heavliy thinking about actually taking a mage job to 75 as my next job, just to have something different. Sadly that means getting WHM/RDM to 37 as subs but i really want to level SCH. I was also looking at BRD but I think it will end up being SCH. I just love the AF, plus SCH use the awesome hat at 75 still and I love the hybrid idea of Scholar. Will keep you guys updated on what I decide. :D


While levelling my NIN last night I met this cool little taru. :D


Taru power!


We started Sky this morning doing a Kirin but it didn't go to well. No screenshots it is a chapter that will be forgotten.

We went on to Byakko and the first Byakko did not drop any Haidate, was like the 5th one in a row without pants. ;_;

We let a JP LS pop Byakko after that and afterwards we popped our last Byakko for today:


When I read "Congratulations Buttons" in the chat window I almost fell out of my chair. They finally dropped!!! I am so happy I was shaking the entire afternoon I was in shock. I finally have the one piece I wanted so badly for my little taru. Thanks everyone in Phailure LS, you guys rock!



I am really happy with how my gear is progressing. I updated my Woodsman Rings to Snipers this week since they fell to 90k'ish on caithsith and Woodsmans were still 120k. (Crazy I know!? O.o")

To keep a 6-hit with my new Haidate I sadly need to use an Ecphoria Ring until I get my Rajas Ring which hopefully will be soon. Only a few more things to do then CoP is done. :D


Thanks for reading, will update again once I get fresh material to post about. :D

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