Monday, September 7, 2009

The end of a journey.

Not Buttons is not quitting so don't worry haha. Time for an enormous update. :D

Unlocked BRD, still considereing levelling it. :D


Had my first Dynamis Jeuno, was a lot of fun. One of the first mobs inside dropped my Samurai feet which i got. I keep getting more stuff for my polearm ws set, am a happy taru.


Was an awesome Dynamis but unfortunately we timed out before the win. :(



Also did a bit more of the ToAU expansion missions, I love them so far.


Waiting for the Ferry to Nashmau


Saw some ruins in the ocean o.o"


Proteus the NM spawned right before the ship docked, thank goodness he didn't spawn earlier or I would have been toast lol


hahaha this Quqirn is so funny.


Almost exactly a year after we started our CoP static we met up to do the final missions. Looky at Tahvo pretending to be an angel :D (He is a cookie monster in reality!)


It felt really nice for the static to be together again, although sadly Bukyja and Lary were not there. :(

Normally the escort mission is very time intensive and annoying but we were so lucky. A group of japanese players was in front of us doing the mission so they had cleared every single mob for us. xDD


Such a beautiful zone @.@



We had to do the difficult pot battle twice do get everyone through but we won easily both times. Awesome job everyone! :D


ZOMG the idiot is breaking the seal on Promathia....


Epic cutscenes. I seriously doubt that there is any other MMO with an intense storyline like this. O:O" Sure it took us a year of casual events to get through this expansion but boy was it worth it.




Uh oh we have to defeat Promathia!


This battle was so much fun. We did get hit by one Meteor spell though which killed me but somehow I got up and kited him a bit even though I was weakened haha. Everyone did such an awesome job. :D Potato gave him the finishing blow with his powerful spell *.*




The light in my heart beat Promathia. O.o"


This battlefield is the coolest zone in-game, wish we could visit it again. :(





We had to wait 24hours to get the final cutscenes and our reward so I went and did some other stuff.

Vivinite just got the full artifact armour for his Bard so he showed it off, looks like a muffin, so cute. xD


I went to help Bluevelvet kill the NM for one of her Dragoon artifact pieces.


Afterwards we helped Anand farm a key for the artifact armour for his Red Mage.


I also helped Anand get a coffer key in Castle Oztroja. He is such an awesome white mage. He is currently upgrading Mjollnir, the white mage relic weapon and it's stage 4 atm. I never knew a white mage could do such insane damage. His hexastrikes hit from 1000-1600+, made my Samurai look pathetic haha.

At around 1am we finally got the key when I did something so stupid I still cannot believe it. Instead of passing the key I accidentally lotted on it and won... So we had to farm until 3am to get Anand the key he needed. I apologized a million times but stil feel bad for doing something so stupid, I still don't know how I did it, somehow clicked the wrong button lol.


Had a sky run again on Sunday but since our farming run on Thursday was cancelled because of those weird login errors we only had enough pop items for 2 Suzakus. Was fun having a short sky run for once though, I needed the break.


After Japanese Midnight I could continue to get the final cutscenes of Chains of Promathia so i went to Bastok to talk to Cid.


I so wish we could visit the far east to say hello to Tenzen. Please make an expansion with the far east SE. ;_;


Yay the injured Moblins are all better again.


The whole Louverance and fake Louverance thing still confuses me. I just know the fake one was the one who acompanied us through CoP and thats the one I like lol. He faked his own death somehow and will continue under a new name. Hope he finds his happyness. :D


Shikaree said her farewells, she was kinda cool even though the battle against her in CoP was horrible lol.


The three misfit Tarus were finally reunited with their long lost father and the first thing they did was cast Meteor on him almost killing him lol.



Yay, I finally got THE item for my Samurai, the Rajas Ring!! :D


I made my way to Lufaise Meadows to get the final ending cutscene.


The final cutscene was just purely amazing. It showed that FFXI's storyline is just as good if not better than many console Final Fantasy games. Sadly it takes a lot of time and effort and dedication to access the storyline which is why many fans deny that FFXI is a true FF game. Finish Chains of Promathia and you will be convinced that it deserves this title. Simply Amazing....






Thank you everyone who helped me on the journey through this expansion. I would have never thought it would take an entire year. We had our ups and downs, some amazing fights as well as some dreadfully hard and frustrating ones. But I feel it was worth it all, we all have these awesome memories to hold on to and it really feels like an amazing accomplishment.

I wonder what adventure will be up next for little Buttons. :D Let's wait and see. :)

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Koshi said...

Congrats on completing CoP, Buttons! That Rajas Ring looks so shiny :D. I'm just starting CoP with my Linkshell right now, and currently we're farming Recollections for the Animas. CoP seems really cool, I just got to go to Promyvion-Holla a few days ago, and it was quite interesting!