Saturday, September 26, 2009

The singing Samurai?

It's been a while since my last post so time for an update.

A few weeks ago Mal fell through the bridge in Windy and was forced to take a bath. O.o" Was kinda funny, I wanted tp fish him out but we had to wait for a GM.


I started levelling Bard, and of course I had my trusty little Pamama assist me!


Both Saruta NMs were up so Konda killed Tom Tit Tat as well as Nunyewatchamacall it for me. xD


I also farmed the Bunny NM for the CHR ribbon for my bard.


Wee the Dunes! o.o"


Jeebz is such a cute taru lol


Had a super fun dunes party with some japanese players. :D


Dob has the same clothes as me. o.o


We did another swift belt run and got Alixia her belt.



Potato is next in line for his belt but he was hacked and we don't know how long the character restoration will take. How could someone hack a cute little taru, damn RMT. -.-"

Taru-line before Dynamis.


All leaders were absent on that Sunday but we decided to go ahead anyway. Was a fun run, drops sucked but we got the win at least for those that needed it. And I got my SAM pants! :D


Look at the chicken being sneaky, hiding under the bridge!


Some more BRD levelling, Qufim island XP is just insane! :D


I was in Upper Jeuno when I saw a message that a Mog tablet had been found in Altepa. So I knew they were scattered. I got a chocobo and run out to Batallia Downs, I just had a feeling I needed to go there. I followed my feeling to a spot near the Jugner Entrance side and what do I see on the floor, a Mog tablet!

I turned it in and got the Kupofried Ring as well as an item I always wanted for my mog house, a bookshelf!!


I had to redecorate my house!


Some more Bard levelling. I love the job and have been levelling a lot in Qufim Island and East Ronfaure S. Been using my anniversary ring so XP is just insane lol.


We did another Dynamis Valkurm Dunes and it actually went very well. We wanted to only practise getting the fly pulling done fast since we have problems with that a lot of the time and then go over to farming. The flies died fast and we started farming and got a 100 currency as well has 3 relic pieces.



Did the quest for a Farie Piccolo, such a cute little taru bard. :D


Some more Qufim levelling. :D

Did another Dynamis Sandy, sadly no BRD relic hat dropped, I would have loved to get one. We did get the win though so that was nice. Sadly drops were very few which was weird since Sandy always gives so many.


Solod the fight for my Bard AF. The storyline for the AF is a bit weak though, but I noticed that the old jobs have boring AF storylines compared to newer jobs such as Corsair, Puppetmaster or Blue Mage.


Cerise helped me this afternoon to farm my Nest Coffer Key and found the coffer for me as well.

My Bard is Lv54 now and halfway to 55 and I am very happy with my progress. I need to find the Castle Oztrojah Coffer now (Have the key already from when I accidentally lotted Anand's >.<) and need to do the fight for the AF feet.

I'm a Muffin!



I was also very lucky, Jeebz sent me this, am so happy! :D Thank you! I also want to thank Octy who lent me his Monster Signa up until now. ^-^


I will end this topic on a very very sad note. Last week my Sky LS Phailure broke. Our leader was just burned out and people were skipping runs and then complaining about no pop sets. I want to thank everyone. I was only in the shell for a little over 2 months but I had the time of my life. I loved my sky runs, I had fun and made many new friends. I got my awesome Haidate and have so many fond memories.

I miss the linkshell and the runs already but I totally understand and respect Malys' decision. Thank you for the awesome memories Phailure LS. :)

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