Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow I havent posted in forever. =O

Hi guys, been like a month since I posted, been busy busy busy. Uni started again for me last week so playtime is down again. But I did manage to get a lot done before it started.

Adorable tarus in Jeuno. *.*


Was in Castle Oz with Shokun getting scrolls for my BRD when Quu Domi was up..... 0/12 now... -.-


Hanging out with Octy. Octy hasn't been playing much lately since he has been really busy, I miss my best taru buddy. :(


I started the OpoOpo Crown Quest, boy what a pain. Malys was nice enough to help me farm the skull.


Took an entire week but Vivi helped me farm most of the items, thanks Vivi!


Woot am a King-taru!



Did my first Dyna Beaucedine and we had tons of drops and got the win. Pup body went freelot and almost floored so I lotted it for my Lv19 PUP. may need to finish PUP after BRD is 75 now. o.o"


Bought some town gear, am a royal taru now!


Did the Halloween Event with Vivi, so much fun. :D


Kon helping me get the castle Zvahl Baileys Coffer Key for my Bard AF hands.


Solo'd Dark Spark. >:D


Woot! Awesome Gloves for my Bard.


Got out my hat for Halloween! Boo!


Vivi helped me do the fight for Bard AF body, was fun. :D


The story behind the Bard Artifact pieces is so sad. :(


Bard AF armour complete!


Jelly set up a Soboro run for us. Was SO much fun. The first time I got to take my BRD to an event. Sadly we went 1/7 on drops. The drop rate is soo bad. Grats to Ethalio on his Soboro though!


We did Dynamis Xarcabard on Sunday and Wednesday this week and boy where we lucky. We actually got THF hands on Sunday and then on Wednesday we got 2 THF hands in a row! It was soo insane. Sadly still no SAM body from beaucedine and hat from Xarca for me. ;_;



We also got various other drops, BLU which we never get, COR, MNK, WAR and a lot more which I just forgot about. Sadly no BRD gear or SAM so still nothing new for me. :(

Kirol finally hit 75 on his DRK, soo cute. *.*



I camped Stray Mary for 2 days straight to get the Mary's Horn for my Bard while studying on the side. No Drop, I hate this NM! Anyone wanna donate a beggar brd a flute? xD


Yesterday Lucy convinced me to tag along for Limbus and I actually got to go on my Bard even though it was only lv60! Was a lot of fun and I even managed to land quite a few Elegy's which astonished me. :D


Posing in my AF before getting warped out. xD


Got to lv61 today on my BRD before we disbanded, halfway to 62 now. :D


Toby totally shocked me today. He is a friend and my Dyna LS leader and let me borrow his Osode until I can afford to buy my own since he never uses his NIN anymore. I hope I can manage to save up enough gil asap to buy my own, it's just so awesome! *_*


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