Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Life of a Little Taru.

Hey guys. I've been wanting to update for a while now but I've been so busy with University that I just had no time. But today I have a cold and am at home for once so I thought I'd post a little update. ^^

A few weeks ago I was helping Fievel camp King Vinegaroon, that silly scorpion HNM. We had the time of death so were just sitting around waiting for the weather to change.


"Um Fievel, isn't that the thingy we want?" xDD


Fievel started kiting it and called his LS to help out. Was going pretty well until he got drawn in, stunned and killed. So I thought oh wells time to give it a go and started kiting it a bit as SAM/DNC lol. Draw in+stun was what ended up killing me in the end, but by then Fievel was back up and his LS was close by.

The fight was extremely fun to watch, just wish I could have helped out as well. Seemed like so much fun!


Congrats on your hat Fievel! Fievel was so glad I helped him him that he bought my Bard a Mary's Horn. Thanks fievel ^_^/


Limbus is becoming more and more fun. At first I didn't want to start a new event with my schedule but it's so much fun to go to events lol. So when they needed Marches and Ballad for Omega I was up for it of course!


Grats on your pants Poty.


Funny Pic. Buttons on BRD and Starla on SAM. Switched Roles. o.o"


More Limbus fun. ^-^


Did my very first ISNM with Fievel. Was fun and it's worth it. o.o"


Woot I got a Khroma ore on my run. :D


I thought it was about time to get my Minstrel Coat so I headed down into the wet cave and saw a galka farming down there. He seemed familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it lol. Turns out he was the friendly galka who helped me win airship! Am such a forgetful Taru! He had just killed the NM i was looking for but offered to claim it for me while I could do something else. So i watched a bit of tv and chatted a bit and we fought two NMs together.


OMG the coat dropped. Thank you soo much ^_^


Hanging out with friends. :)


Did a whole lot of Dyna Xarcas but SAM hat never dropped. ;_; We did finally get this though:


On our first Dyna Beaucedine run after our entire month of Xarcas, my Samurai Body piece finally dropped! *-* Thanks so much guys. It may be useles but dang it looks awesome. xD Am 4/5 now on SAM relic, hope the hat drops soon.



This double drop was funny. o.o


More limbus runs wee:


I actually have both Bard AF+1 items already! As soon as I hit lv74 I'll be turning in my gloves to upgrade. :D


Hanging around in Jeuno can be insanely fun. xD




Just got the first two CS of the Shantotto expansion. Storyline-wise it does seem excellent so far. :o







Also killed two of the new NMs. Was so hoping that Belladonna would drop the Acc+12 Att+4 belt but no such luck. No drop on the Colibri either. ;_;



My Bard is lv67 now so I hope I can quickly get to 72. Love the job and can't wait to use it more. :D

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Anonymous said...

Love to see ur hitting those 1k+'s on sam nowadays, my little sam prodigy has all grown up, made ur mentor proud /em wipes eye.

Now get brd 75 my march slave bwahaha

keep up the good work my friend.

regards Luc