Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saying goodbye is hard.

Saying goodbye is something I am really bad at. I get really attached to people and am always so sad when people go away. Having friends leave the game is always painful, but I do understand the need to move on for them.

My best friend in the game has decided it's time to bid Vanadiel farewell. I met Octy long ago, he was a little Ninja taru who had seen me post on Bluegartr forums and wanted to meet me. We started hanging out and I enjoyed adventuring together. It was only weeks after we met that I noticed that he wasn't a little Lv6x Ninja taru but he was actually a veteran who had played the game for years already.

Octy became my best friend in-game and always helped me left and right. I am completely honest when I say I have never met such a selfless person in my life. That is why it saddens me so much to see him leave, to me having Buttons best taru friend was part of the fun of Vanadiel. We helped eachother, had adventures together, met new friends through eachother and just enjoyed the game to it's fullest.

Thank you for all the fond memories Octy. I wish you all the best in life and I know we'll still be in contact, even if it's not in-game anymore. I still secretely hope you decide to come back one day but totally understand that you feel your time in Final Fantasy XI is over. Thank you for everything, thank you for being the best friend a little taru could ever have. :)


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