Friday, December 4, 2009

Muffin-tarus? :O

Time for another update. ^_^

Chrono proved what a nice little taru he is once again. Surprised me with a Demon Helm+1 for my bard. :D


Biast was up while we were gathering for Dyna. No drop though. :(


Picnic time in Dyna! xD


ZOMG THF drop again, we already got 3 in October. o.o"


It's December now so Happy Holidays everyone, it's my favourite time of the year! *__*


Did my first ever Assault runs with the LS. Am hoping to find a static or form one soon to do Periquia Assaults for a Yigit Body for my bard. If anyone on caitsith is interested let me know please, would love to get that body.


We had one of the best Dyna Sandy runs ever, we got 2x BLU, 2x SMN, 2x SCH, WAR, RDM, BRD to drop. The Dyna-Taru Squad!


Remember I said BRD dropped, was mine! Yes Bard's Roundlet finally dropped for our LS again and I was first in line. Thanks so much guys, I'Ve wanted this hat since the day I unlocked Bard.


The muffin-tarus!


Having fun in Limbus.


Our limbus group has grown so much that we split into two groups now and get multiple zones done at once. :D My LS behaved for once and actually lined up to get their coins! Had to SS it. xDD


My Bard is now halfway to Lv74 and I just turned in my AF gloves to be upgraded to AF+1, will be able to pick them up on Sunday. Cannot wait to hit lv75 as Octy left me his Ixion Cloak, Osode and Novia Earring which I will use on my bard. :D

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