Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seems like there are still a lot of adventures out there! :D

Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying the festive season. It's time for a new screenshot dump. :D

We tried Dynamis Lord once again but only got him to 50% when Ying and Yang respawned and wiped the floor with us. We need 1-2 more RDM/DRK (only had 3) and we seriously need more damage output. I felt so useless during that battle. Our BRD rotation went perfectly and I know my buffs helped, I even sang my Marches in my singing gear to reach the higher tier. But seeing the damage whittle down so slowly I wanted to be on my SAM so badly and give it a go. I think one problem was that our usual DD were on Mage classes that evening and most of our SAM there, were our usual THFs. I saw at least two SAM 2 hour immediately after engaging which made my hair turn grey. I had told them to Meditate and Sekkanoki first, then 2 Hour and then Ikarus Wing and WS again. I'd love to try and come SAM the next time and organise the DD party, but I fear I'll be stuck on BRD again hehe.

Very nice try though guys, best attempt we had so far! *^^*/


Five is back for the Christmas Holidays, it's been so long since he last played. Welcome back little taru!


Another friend of mine who has been gone even longer is back, welcome back Red!


Vivi is the mage in white and Buttons the one in Black. O,..,O


We did our only 2nd Ultima a while ago which was my very first. A friend loaned me his Manteel for the fight. It's such an amazing piece, I want one sooo badly. Attention all: Buttons Xmas wishlist: Sha'ir Manteel. haha xDD


Ultima. o.o"


Ultima went very well. Our two Ninja tanks did their job perfectly and we slowly whittled down Ultimas HP. We didn't use any DoT since it was only our 2nd try (first one was a disaster) and we wanted to get used to the fight.

Sadly, we timed out at around 5%. Ultima was a total bastard and kept using his magic-invincibility skill so we couldn't properly damage him. Our only DD were two BLUs and tons of BLM. Next time we'll have to bring some SAM or DRK to zerg it down faster. It was a very good try though and we know our strategy works now, we just need to tweak our setup a bit more and I'm sure we'll win. We also had a glitch where one of our BLM was unable to enter although he had soap and the card. If he was able to be inside we might have won, stupid glitchy game!!


After Ultima I went to visit a friend who was camping Vivacious Vivien so I helped out with the fight. The title you get is awesome, The Vivisector (reminder: my taru buddy is called Vivi! haha) No drop sadly.


Chrono came to visit me, we had a blast.



My Jeuno Christmas tree from the new event. It's pretty. :O


Vivi and I did the new event and both got our NQ and HQ bunny hats! :D



Vivi showing off the costume effect the new hats give. :D


My LS has a tradition that we do a special LS event every Christmas. So we all gathered together to do a Brenner in event gear and weapons haha. I had missed this event last year so I was so eager for it this time. :D


Love my LS! <3 We've grown a lot in the last few weeks. The majority of our Dyna shell decided to join our social LS since we also do tons of other events together (Limbus, various NMs (Ground, Sky, Sea, ZNM...whatever a person wants really.)) We try to do most things casually, no pressure and no 24/7 events. But it's also nice to have a LS you know will help and come kill some nasty critters with you or level in the dunes or merit with you. :D Not to mention our funny convos hehe.


Boy Brenner sure is fun. It's such a shame that little fun systems like these don't get used by the majority of the players, although they are so much fun.



I was sooo on the wrong job though, I should have come SAM/DNC or SAM/PUP...not BRD/NIN. I kept trying to Requiem people to death haha. xDD

Taru war!


Markus such a sneaky taru, kept trying to keel me! xDD



Haha I love this screenshot, chasing Tahvo and trying to kill him. (He was way better though, as BLM he blasted me to smitherines while I only slept him and tried to whack him with my bells lol)


That's all for today. I wish you guys a very Merry Christmas! ^_^/

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I noticed that you said you'd timed out on Ultima, and just wanted to give you a few little tips. We were struggling with it at first until we made a couple changes ourselves.

Our usual setup consists of a tank pt, BLM pt, and DD pt:

We usually stick a COR or SMN in the tank pt for the additional MDB effect to make it easier on the tanks.

For the BLM pt we have our RDM/DRK in there for stunning Dissipation, but if you use NIN/DRK's that wont be necessary. A COR is awesome for this fight to help reduce resist rates too. Stick all the DoT's on you can, Ultima has incredibly low regen, if at all, so it's all free damage.

Melee pt usually consists of WAR/DRK/SAM, a WHM or RDM, and a BRD or COR. WAR's and DRK's go /SAM, and SAM's go /THF. Let the SAM/THF's run in and TA-WS on the tanks to help speed things up, and cement hate on them more.

From there, I wish you the best of luck in your next attempt, and good adventures!

-Clannagh of Cerberus