Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drops galore, scary missions and another goodbye.

Time for a new update. ^_^

Poty finished his DRK to 75 and already has 3/5 Homam Gear, our LS has been busy in Limbus. xD


Five and Konda were nice enough to help me get my Illrusi Atoll Staging Point. I have no idea why I didn't have it lol, guess it was such a pain that I forgot about it.


Awesome as we are we managed to aggro almost everything on the way there LOL. xD


I did get there in the end though, thanks you two. ^^


We saw our very first SAM relic hat in Dyna for the LS. It might not be anything spectacular but it was the last piece I needed to complete my set, thanks guys.



A few days ago I happened to browse through the Server specific forums on Allakhazam which I usually never do. I found a post by a new player called Gewrew asking for someone to help him get into the game. The post was a few days old and I felt really bad that no one had bothered to answer.

Two days later I was in Windurst and saw a little red-headed Taru sitting alone in a corner without a Linkshell and saw it was the same person who posted on the forums. So of course I immediately gave him a linkshell, gave him a bit of gil to get him started and we all went on a roadtrip together to get him to the Dunes as well as get his Crag Crystals. Was a lot of fun. And Gew is a hard-working little Taru. His BLM is already lv30 and he unlocked Blu and Nin already.


Four little Tarus exploring the world.



My LS has turned into a mini HNMLS lately, but not in a negative way lol. We just introduced a point system and now help eachother with various NMs that players need help with. We've also done some stuff in Sky and Sea and we will be doing some ZNMs soon. No one is forced to attend, we are still a social LS but we also do our own events now to get people stuff they need.

Evyen still needs an Adamantoise Egg as the last item for her black belt (we already camped Behemoth and got the item), so we were often sitting and waiting for the turtle to pop along with a bazillion other people.


We've managed to claim quite a few Adamantoise so far, but sadly no drop yet. Claiming it can be so messy since everything around it loves to link and eat you for breakfast. But thanks to some awesome members we've always managed to recover and finish off Ada.


My Bard has been lv75 for a while now but I still need /whm as a sub. So I headed to the dunes with the LS.


Stoerbi came to PL us so I didn't really need to heal anyone lol. Still got a lot to learn about playing white mage. xD


Got to lv15 and the went to bed. I really need to finish this sub but it's not my favourite type of job lol. @.@


The majority of the Linkshell still needed to win the fight "Divine Might" to get the special earring reward and to advance in the Zilart Storyline so we can fight Bahamut.

So Evyen gathered up 17 people in the Linkshell and organised the fight for us.


We decided to do a dry run first to get used to the battle and to maybe adjust our strategy if needed.

The amazing part though is that we managed to kill off the Galka, Mithra and Tarutaru Ark Angels without too much trouble. The wyvern and mandragora pets were pretty annoying and killed a few of our BLM so I kited and slept them as BRD/NIN with some help from Evyen's Bard as well. We decided to wipe on purpose since there were only the Elvaan and Hume Ark Angel left. So we were all dead, the two pets had disappeared and the two Ark Angels returned to the middle. We all got back up, recovered and then went all out. The black mages blasted the Elvaan to smitherines and our DD 2 houred the Hume.

We actually won our experimental dry run, I was so proud of my LS! :D You hear so many horror stories about this battle and everyone recommends doing it manaburn style with 18 black mages, but we managed it with one blm party and two normal ones! Awesome job guys.

Scary Ark Angels!



So cool yet so evil @.@




We won yay! (Can't believe we had to kill a Taru, even if he was evil. )


My Samurai finally has his Bushinomimi! <3


Our awesome group. :D


Goofing off before Dynamis Xarca on Sunday.


A friend loaned me his Manteel again, wish it was mine. ;_; It's just so awesome.


Our run on Sunday was the best Xarca run ever, drop wise at least.


Yay I got Bard pants. Not necessarily the best piece but hey, they look cool. xD


The unthinkable happened, we somehow got two Thief Gloves in our loot pool. Some Linkshells go years without seeing a pair of these and we get two in one go! Not to mention our LS got 3-4 in November/December last year. Our THF all have their TH4 gloves now, we'll have to freelot them soon at this rate lol. O.O" Now if only we could get RDM hats, poor Vivi is still waiting for his.


We also saw our first ever SMN horn, grats Kazza.


Posing in my frilly shirt! It may look silly but the stats are too insane to say no to. Someone wanna donate one to the Buttons Bard fund? xDD


One of my closest friends ingame came back, Fievel! :D


He has however decided to switch servers with his brother to join a Linkshell with a schedule that suits his playtime. It was a real shock, I'll miss him a lot. I wish I could convince him to stay but that would be selfish and I can totally understand him wanting to join a Linkshell on Seraph, I read about them and they do seem awesome.


A few days ago I found a goblin coif in a bazaar. What got my attention is that it was signed by Harken. I don't know this person but my own Goblin Coif which is my favourite hat was signed by this person. So I randomly decided to buy this twin hat of mine without knowing why.

Hearing that Fievel was leaving, I gave him the twin Goblin Coif. Now we both have one, signed by the same person. So now he can never forget he has a little Taru buddy on Caitsith who is waiting for him to come back some day.

I wish you all the best Fievel, have fun in your new LS on your new server. We'll really miss you~


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