Sunday, February 14, 2010

A little Taru takes on the Gods!

Hey guys. Most of my exams are done now (only one left as well as two big papers to write) so I thought I'd post an update. :D

I finally started the WotG Storyline and wish I had started it earlier, so interesting!












I also went to help Lucy get his BLM Af hat. :D


Afterwards we had a fun Dunes party, I got my WHM up to lv19, hope it will be 37 soon so I have that sub done and over with.



I met a very nice Taru. Crumpet is a fan of my blog and actually came to our server to join my social LS! We've already had tons of fun, great to have you on-board Crumpy! :D


Lucy needed the coffer for his BLM AF hands in Garlaige Citadel but it was behind Banishing Gate 2. We went there and this stuuupid NM was in the way. So I pulled it and ran as fast as I could while Lucy got his coffer. Well I died lol. Lucy ended up Tractoring me through the entire Citadel to get me to a spot so Athlir could raise me lool. Thanks for coming to Raise me Athlir. :D


Also went Zeni hunting with Pyth and Poty and got a Wulgaru pop for the LS. Hope we can do a new ZNM soon, am so eager to get Oracle's Pigaches.


Today my Social LS had its very first Sky Gods Run. We do all sorts of events in the LS casually and over the past month the LS has been collecting pops so we had one for each god plus two for Byakko.


I haven't had this much fun in a long while. :D





Sadly both Byakko only dropped D-Legs and poor Pythean still doesn't have his haidate. I am praying we get em next time Pyth.

We decided to to a Kirin since we had a pop set. You gotta remember we are a social LS with everything from a few hardcore players to players with their first 75s. Most have never even done Sky before today, nevermind Kirin. But we decided to give it a go. :D




I even surprised myself by landing Elegy. (No Ele-Seal, don't have BLM lvled lool)



W-Legs!!! Grats Vivi. :D


I want to thanks the LS, this was a wonderful day. Our Kirin did take a long time since we kited it the old fashioned way, but our three PLD did and excellent job, and our BLM were insane! Gogo guys! xD

Group Pics! SecretFellowship ftw!



I'm back to the game now with mixed feelings. I've had a lot of fun yesterday and today but something has been bothering me. A friend of mine offered me a spot in his Einherjar Shell. I have wanted to do Einherjar for a long time and now have the chance. There is no one on the list for Shadow Coat and it would be an amazing piece for my Bard, not to mention I could really use an Omega's Ring.

The problem is the times clash with my Wednesday Dynamis Run. Here the drama starts. As my close friends know I have not been happy in Dynamis for quite a while. Our LS is full of nice people, but Dynamis brings out the worst in everyone (including myself). The atmosphere sucks in Dyna, everyone is anxious, moody and one little mistake and everyone goes bonkers. Give us a run with bad drop rates and people become downright mutinous.

I joined Dynamis last year in September/October because Lucross asked me to come. I made it clear at the beginning that I don't want to come fulltime, I just wanted to experience something new and take screenshots. On my 2nd run I got Samurai Shoes and from there on I felt compelled to come. I enjoyed Dynamis a lot and I must confess I was VERY lucky with my drops, finishing SAM and then going 4/5 on BRD. I attended every single Dynamis run, even on a specific day when I was sick. I was blackmailed into coming, being told I would lose my points if I wouldn't come. It made me mad but I understood they wanted people to come. I had a perfect attendance until December, when I took a few runs off every now and then when I had to study.

I feel I put a lot of effort into Dynamis. The people in the LS are all my friends and I enjoy our time together. But Dynamis as an event just is no longer fun for me. It's too long and even Lucross who was co-leader has left.

I am currently on a break from Dyna since I am still in my exam period. But I don't know what to do.

When I mentioned that I would like to start Einherjar people became downright nasty. Saying all I care about is drops. "Yeah you got everything you needed in Dyna and now wanna leave". I've had all the important stuff I wanted since December and I still attended. I came to help out my friends to get their relics. But now some people feel I am selfish for wanting to go to Einherjar on Wednesday. I didnt say I would quit Dyna completely, I wanted to come on Sundays. But the reactions I got just make me want to quit Dyna altogether.

I would like to progress in-game. Most people do Endgame to get items. I know my Dyna Leader thinks this is horrible, but sadly he is one of the few people who really do it for fun. But sorry, the majority of the people do stuff for drops. I always had the feeling I had worked for the drops I got. I do admit I got my stuff fast, but sorry I don't make the drop rates. If I was really a bad person I would have left the second I got my Bard hat since by that time I was already sick of Dyna. But I did not. I stayed out of loyalty to my LS.

At this point I just don't know what to do. I am becoming more and more busy in RL and it seems some people hold it against me. I just don't have the time or energy to do Dyna 2 times a week at 4 hours a pop. I want to continue doing Limbus since its short. And I love helping my social LS (who is like 70% if our Dyna LS anyway). And I DO really want to try Einherjar, it sounds new and fun and exciting. I need something to keep me in the game so I dont burn out.

I just wish it could be my decision as to wether I want to only come once a week to Dyna or quit alltogether, without someone holding it against me and trying to make me feel guilty. I try to help where I can, I know I do not help out as much as other people I know. But my priorites are shifting towards my University work. So the time I do spend in the game I would like to have fun, do short events. I want to look forward logging in, not dreading it like I did for Dynamis.

Toby I respect you a lot as a LS leader and as my friend. What you put up with leading our Dyna shell is amazing. I just feel like I need a break from Dynamis for the moment. I need time to think it over. If I have the time and energy I would love to help out on Sunday runs. I would just like to be able to try something new and fun that will also help my char become better, without having to feel guilty for it. :)

And to end of the post on a nicer note, Malys wanted a cameo haha. Here ya go Mal!


Evy said...

Hey, nice post!

I had no idea that people had said stuff like that to you! I understand your feelings about dyna, it's a really long event and like you said, it really can bring out the worst in people. I've always said that there's no point in doing events if you don't enjoy doing them. You can't commit yourself to some event for years only because you once got something from it. But yeah, for some reason people tend to (over)react when someone leaves a group after getting something.

But anyway, try to keep in mind that this is a game and we're supposed to have fun while playing it. I don't think you should limit your experience (for example by missing the chance to try Einherjar) just because you feel like you're chained to an event you don't even enjoy that much. I think it's totally understandable if you don't want to spend 6+ hours a week doing an event you don't even need anything from when you could use that time for something else instead.

You've earned every point you've used in the LS and you have every right to move on when you feel like it. Everyone should understand it. Just be open about it. ^^

Tahvo said...

Hey, I thought I'd comment on this one too, even though I'm pretty much just agreeing with Evy.

Fact is that we all want that gear from events. Yes, they are supposed to be (and are!) fun, but the reward is a big part of the overall enjoyment. If you have all that you want from the event, it's not your responsibility to continue just for the sake of it.

Point systems are there to reward work that's ALREADY DONE! It's not so that first you get a drop and then have to commit to 50 hours of slave labour. So yea, you got drops fast, you were lucky taru, but even more that tells that the drops weren't that rare or wanted generally. You didn't take anything away from anyone.

So anyway, the point of this rambling was that if you don't want to do dyna, you don't have to. And it would be really rude to bash on you for wanting to do einherjar on wednesdays instead. It's not anyone else's business what you do with your time :P So I just wanted to give you my support, I hate it when people pressure others into doing events.

Tyler said...

Robel-Akbel is easily my favorite NPC. :O

CidBahamut said...

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog.

Don't ever lose your sense of adventure Buttons.