Friday, March 26, 2010

Mog House Tour

Welcome to Buttons humble little home in the heart of Windurst. :D

I'll start'aru the tour with my plant corner, mhh the air smells so fresh over here.


Next to the corner we have my fancy egg safe that I obtained last year. This is where I store all my cutlery for special occasions. ^_^/


I decided to purchase a gigantic bunk bed. My best friend Mog the Moogle needs a bed as well you know! Since he is scared'aru of heights he gets the bottom bunk. Kinda odd for a Moogle who can fly to be scared of heights. O.o

Next to my bed is also my bookstack. Nothing better than a good read'aru before bed-time! Mog likes the scary-wary stories the most. So I read to him from the book "The Galka Reaper"....only problem is he can't sleep after hearing scary stories. :(

Trying to climb the ladder, am so short...


Over here you can see my Windurst banner which the Star Sybill'aru gave to me. I also put all my shiny things on this piece of furniture. See all those many drawers? That's where Mog puts all my equipment when I don't use them. All those drawers are full of flutes and harps and various pieces of jewelry! Oopsy maybe I should not have mentioned that, need to remind Mog to set up our security spell before we go out.


This is my work corner where I develop'aru and sort out all of my photographs of Vana'diel in order to entertain you guys. And next to my desk there is an entire case of my favourite drink. Chocolate milk! *___*/

Sadly this drawer is stuck once again, gotta pull'aru harder....


And to end this tour you guys get to meet my pets. See I have two fishies who love to hide, but I managed to snap both of them for you guys! The blue one is called Fishy and the Orange one's name is Wishy. Fishy and Wishy. >:3 Fishy is the fatso though, he gobbles up all the food when Mog feeds them.

I also have two butterflies. They were given to me by an old Elvaan near Knightwell in West Ronfaure last year. There was this sort of fishing competition and I got these Butterflies as a prize. So I quickly had a little taru called Fuzzylemur (yeah his head is so fuzzy, hair all over the place, needs a comb badly!) craft a cage for my new pets. I call them bug one and bug two. >:D Don't know what they eat though, I think Mog throws in some magical dust or something to keep them alive. :o WHAT there is a third butterfly you say, seems they have been breeding. o.o


Where is Mog you ask? Well he is a shy little Moogle so when he heard I was giving a tour he quickly went to the Windurst Food Market in Windurst Waters to get us some food for the weekend.

Thanks for coming to visit, see you guys next time. ^_^/

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