Friday, April 30, 2010

Renegade Samurai Armour? o.o

Hiya guys, it's been too long since I last posted. The new semester started for me so I've been busy with course-work and classes again, but here is a little update of what i have been doing ingame.

I've been making some progress with my gear. I finally got my Omegas Ring, AF+1 Brd Legs and AF+1 SAM Legs. Am a very happy Taru. Thanks guys! :D




Vivi finally got his Deulist Chapeau, grats little taru!


Einherjar is still fun as always (Buttons always gets to borrow a Manteel xD), sadly a few people left and now our attendance is horrible, so we'll need to see what happens to the shell.


I also helped my friend Exy camp that Orc NM in Monastic Cavern. Was a lot of fun.


Levelled by WHM sub a bit more when I found the time, lv27 currently so still a few more levels to go.


Since I kept losing the same damn campaign rank 5 times in a row I went on a campaign spree for an entire day and had tons of fun with friends.





I managed to get a few merits for my SAM and finally got a rank up! Unfortunately I still have a ways to go until I have the rank for Rose Strap. :(


Makam has such a funny hat. :D


Yesterday I helped the LS do some MMM NM runs to get some members an Ermine's tail. We did 4 runs and none dropped in the first or second chest, I was about to go to bed when we decided to let me copy the maze as well and to give it one more go.....

The main treasure chest had nothing in it. I open the second chest which drops directly into the Maze owner's inventory and ..... got an Ermine's tail. I felt so bad, some people really wanted one and I don't even have dagger skill levelled. >.<


At least it looks nice, will level my dagger skill sometime so I can use this dagger on my bard to poke stuff for fun.


I had a day off today and decided to do the Samurai Event which I had never done before. It was frustrating at first, especially solo. The timing has to be perfect to absorb the attacks and being alone is very risky. But luckily there were always 2-4 other Japanese players who helped me out. After about 4 hours I managed to get every single item, all the wooden Katanas as well as both new furniture items yay!



And to fit to the Feast of Swords Theme I threw on my shiny relic set. :D


My Mog House has changed a bit since my last post since I decided to use an area .dat for the first time and i just love how it looks now.


Obiwubi-taru came to visit so of course we did what all tarus do, we danced around a bit. :D


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