Friday, October 26, 2012

Yoshitaka Amano - The Sky

Hey guys. Wow it's been so long since my last post. I will update the FFXIV happenings as soon as I am able, but for now I thought I would post this little tidbit. It finally arrived, after I had it preordered for almost 1.5 years. xD It's simply amazing and I love it. It's just so huge I have no idea where I am going to put it haha. It's a box set of 3 large artbooks containing all the Amano artwork from Final Fantasy I-X plus a few other nice things. "The Sky" was first released in 2002 in Japan and was very limited, I have seen copies going for over 1500 Euros on yahoo Japan auctions. This new print was supposed to be released almost 2 years ago already but it kept getting delayed and was almost cancelled. Dark Horse comics finally published it now. The suggested retail price for the box set is $139. I bought mine on which was a total of 65 pounds with shipping. An amazing deal if you ask me, especially considering this will probably become rare again. The quality is superb and the artwork is strikingly beautiful. So go out and support the publishers and buy this box-set if you are a real fan of art and Final Fantasy. :) See you guys again soon. ^_^/


Anonymous said...

No fair, I preordered mine around July. I've now been told I'm just not getting it due to there only being 1000 copies. It's such stunning art work, and I'm gutted :(

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