Friday, June 18, 2010

A bit of progress. :)

It's time for another little update. :D yay.

Obi-taru is a rare Taru, you don't see many blue onion-head Tarus around. :O


Headbuttarus!! xD


I had a long day. As I mentioned in my last post I had been busy the past few weeks working on a paper for my japanese law course. It was handed in last week. I didn't get to really relax though, since today and the rest of this weekend we're having a seminar in which we present our results. I was the first one to do a presentation in our course but it all went well and I had the feeling the people enjoyed it. Now I just have to sit there and listen for the rest of this weekend.

Anyway, when I got home I logged on to just chat with some friends. The LS was levelling in Qufim though so I headed out with my 38 WHM which I wanted to finish.

Yay, lv40, first sub done for the update.


I quickly changed to NIN for which I had no gear whatsoever lol except some RSE stuff. xD It was fun playing Ninja in Qufim again. :D


Buttons made the wormy go kaboom!


Woot, NIN lv40. Now my Bard subs are done for the update, DNC and WAR will be lvled to 40 hopefully soon'ish.


Vivi also finally came back to the game and got 75 BLU in like a week or two. Insane little taru, grats Vivi. :D


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