Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buttons going on vacation.

Hey guys. It's been quite a while since my last post. As some of you know I had exams this month as well as that big paper that needed to be finished, so I was not able to play as much as I would have liked.

Big changes in the game since my last post, the gigantic version update breathed new life into the game. :D

Luckily I had 3 merits stored up so I was able to do the new Genkai Quest immediately once the server was back up.


Lol the shiny Moogle hit me with some shiny stars. O.o Reminds me of the animation the chocobo summon had in FFVIII as well as the fake Meteor in FFIX's play at the beginning.


I also purchased Abyssea and got some nice cutscenes.


Hewwooo. :3


Kabooom o.o



Due to all the times I died in Einherjar (sheesh that event hates bards haha, always killing us xD) I had no proper buffer. I got invited to a very fun party with some Japanese players. Our party's warrior was also the 2nd lv80 on Caitsith. Was so exciting. :D



Yay, lv76 Buttons!


My Einherjar LS had another Odin and it went so well, was tons of fun.



Drops were really good, two E-Bodies! Personally I was disappointed though, I was first in line for Shadow Coat and it did not drop. ;_;


After this I had my exams and was busy studying non-stop for quite a bit. Luckily they all went well. Don't have the results yet but I had a good feeling.

This weekend I was finally done with this semester so I went to play a bit. Litto Vivi's BLU is now lv80 and has a cool pink outfit. xD


Did some random Abyssea exploration with the LS, such an interesting zone.


Exy also has one of those new snazzy sets, looks really nice.


On Friday I tagged along on an Aybssea run with peeps from my Einherjar LS. I was under the impression we would be levelling but sadly it turned into a NM run. None the less, we had tons of fun.



Huge Tiger. O.O


Yay drop!


Deadly Bunny.... O,..,O


The ring dropped, but in the end no one wanted it lol.


Yesterday I was dead set on levelling in Abyssea. I've been reading stories about amazing xp in Abyssea and I wanted to try it out so badly.

Karlean and myself seeking for an Abyssea party.


2hours later Buttons still seeking...


6 hours later and still nothing.....


I was really disappointed. I turned down a few invites to normal parties since I wanted to try out Abyssea xp so much. But for some reason no one wanted to invite me, really made me sad. :(

Exy tried to cheer me up though so we went to Abyssea-Tahrongi to get the Confluxes, to make future runs there faster.



Such a cool zone....beautiful.


Sneaky sneaky sneaky past all the big baddies!


Oi! Dragonses?! I didn't sign up for this, don't wanna get eat'arud!


We also found miniature sized Adamantoise...ok they're still as big as a cow, just miniature compared to the big bad NM one. xD Can I has one as a pet pwease? :3


We managed to get all Confluxes in the zone and my Cruor ran out. :( Now I have zero Cruor, am still lv76...definately need an Abyssea party to fix that! :D

Afterwards the three of us did a few Royal Jelly runs. Not a single good item dropped sadly, and to make matters worse I accidentally zoned and lost my entire lootpool. Went to bed feeling pretty sad and disappointed.

On a more exciting note, I am going on a pretty long vacation! :D

I'll be heading home to South Africa for the first time in seven years. Am soo excited. I'll be leaving in 10 days and will be back mid-August. But wait, that's not all. I'll be going to Tokyo Japan for an entire month! August 29-October 1st! It's going to my first trip to Japan but as a Japanology major I simply have to go. xD

I'll be going with two fellow students. We rented a nice apartment in central Tokyo for the four weeks, only 3 mins walk from the station and 10-15mins ride to pretty much everywhere we wanna be. On top of that, the Tokyo Game Show is in mid-September. So I'll definately be attending. Have always wanted to attend but neevr thought I would be able to, really a dream come true. :D

I am very excited, but am also a bit sad. During the summer I usually catch up with my friends online since I am always so busy studying during term. This year I'll be gone from FFXI for roughly 2 months. I'll miss my friends dearly and I would so like to finally have the time to level my jobs lol.

I'll be back in October and the new semester will start shortly afterwards. As to what my gaming plans are, I have no idea yet. Ideally, I would really love to stay in FFXI. The people in the game mean a lot to me and I have so much I still want to do. I did however order the Collector's Edition of FFXIV and I am planning to buy a new PC once I am back from my trip. So I'll definately try that new shiny MMO, maybe even try to play both.

But for now I don't want to plan too much in advance. One way or another Buttons has a million adventures ahead of him. See you guys once I am back from my trips. If I get any interesting gaming goods in Japan I'll post them on my blog. ^_^/


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